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The Sat Standard - Jan 8 2023

The Sat Standard - Jan 8 2023

Jan 8, 2023
The Sat Standard

The Sat Standard - Jan 8 2023

Thought of the week from Marty Bent:‌‌‌
2023 is looking like a good year for oil and gas producers to get into bitcoin mining. Wouldn’t be surprised if they manage 10% of hashrate by 2025.

Thought of the week from ODELL:
Happy New Year! The year is 2023 and we must keep pushing forward. As trust erodes throughout our institutions, bitcoin and other trust minimized open source tools are needed more than ever.

Released new guides on cold storage and using your node: Logging my discreet thoughts: Hosting 200+ people this week at Bitcoin Park to discuss energy and mining:


  • Bitcoin Optech #232
  • CEO of Bitcoin Miner 'Bitfarms'  Resigns, COO Takes Over: Stock Down 92% This Year
  • Zoltan Pozsar of Credit Suisse: War and Commodity Encumbrance
  • Nunchuk Releases Collaborative Custody Subscription Plans Focused on Inheritance Planning
  • Gemini Cofounder Cameron Winklevoss Public Letter Claims Barry Silbert and DCG Have Not Cooperated to Recover Funds for Gemini Earn Customers: Withdrawals Have Been Frozen for 47 Days
  • Electrum v4.3.3: Support for Recent Ledger Update and Bug Fixes
  • Fedimint Hackathon: Win Bitcoin for Creating Fedimint Modules, 2.58 Bitcoin in Prizes
  • Coinbase Pays $50M to NY Gov and Promises to Surveil Users More
  • New Whirlpool Client Written in Rust: Compatible with BDK Based Wallets
  • Zeus v0.7.1: More Secure Storage Mechanism for Android, Updating Will Require Reconnecting Your Node
  • Major Bitcoin Banking Partner 'Silvergate Bank' Lost Over $700M Liquidating Debt to Cover $8.1 Billion in Withdrawals Amid Bank Run
  • BDK v0.26.0: Improves Fulcrum Electrum Server Compatibility, Enhancements, and Bug Fixes


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  • Monday - Issue #1297: Reminder: use a dedicated hardware device
  • Tuesday - Issue #1298: Hashrate recovered from the arctic blast
  • Wednesday -
  • Thursday - Issue #1299: The carnage is not over
  • Friday -


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