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Issue #992: FREEDOM

Issue #992: FREEDOM

May 14, 2021

Been a pretty heady week in Bitcoin land. Pipelines being held ransom with hackers demanding bitcoin as payment. Billionaires poo-poo'ing Bitcoin's eNeRgY cOnSuMpTiOn while opting to work on a literal joke. Epic upward difficulty adjustment. Solid price dump.

All data points that will be rendered inconsequential noise in the dustbins of history fifty years from now. Even though these events will be forgotten, or at the very most viewed as something to chuckle at in passing.

"Ha. Remember when Elon Musk thought he could attack Bitcoin using the 'climate change' narrative?"

It's easy to get swept up in the day to day news events that relate to Bitcoin. To get emotional. To lash out.

As you freaks are probably well aware at this point, your Uncle Marty is very guilty of this.

With that in mind, it is always important to ground yourself and recalibrate. Remind yourself why we're even here in the first place; freedom. Freedom from the ever increasing threat of the ever encroaching digital panopticon that is being thrust upon society. Freedom from being subjected to the whims of a kleptocratic elite that is drunk off power. An elite class that thinks it can micromanage the global economy. A class of people who believe they know what's best for you and must act on your behalf to save you from yourself. People who will look you straight in the eyeballs and tell you that you need to start eating bugs.

This elite class comes in different forms depending on where you find yourself on this planet, but no matter the form they have the same goal; control. Control over how you act, how you spend, and how you think. This class of people is very close to closing their circular economy of control and those who wish to live free have very few tools at their disposal to combat this ever impending digital slavery. Bitcoin is the most potent tool to combat these insane people. This is why we are here. Without Bitcoin, I wouldn't have much hope for a better future.

A better future isn't guaranteed. It must be fought for and actively defended when progress is made. Complacency isn't an option. If Bitcoiners get complacent, our chance at achieving freedom in the Digital Age may be set back for decades, at the very least. Never forget that, freaks.

Final thought...

Martini time.


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