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Issue #978: Shrinkflation is here, too

Issue #978: Shrinkflation is here, too

Apr 26, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #978: Shrinkflation is here, too

Last week, we did a retrospective on an issue we sent out in early April of last year that predicted the US may experience price inflation if the government forced the economy to shut down while injecting trillions of dollars into the economy in conjunction with the Federal Reserve. In the retrospective, we concluded that the US has certainly experienced price inflation over the course of the last year despite the Federal Reserve trying to convince the world otherwise by pointing to low CPI prints. While overt price inflation is alarming, something that is equally as alarming and definitely more insidious in your Uncle Marty's mind is the rise of hidden inflation, or "shrinkflation".

via Reddit

Above is an example of shrinkflation in the wild; two rolls of paper towels being sold at Costco at the same price, but with the end consumer getting less paper towel for their cuck buck. For those with below optimal eyesight, the roll on the left is comprised of 140 2-ply sheets of paper towels (74 sqft) while the roll on the right is comprised of 160 (85 sqft). For those keeping track at home that is 12.5% less paper towel (as measured in 2-ply sheets) for the same amount of cuck bucks. Not ideal, especially if you have a child who spills a lot of milk and stray glasses of water and like maintaining your purchasing power over time. As our friend Jeff Vandroux points out, what we're witnessing is part of a process that will attempt to control the narrative around price rises as they continue.

(Galactic Trader's inflation calculations are wrong. Not sure if I'd be taking any trading advice from him.)

The powers that be have already tried to normalize constant inflation by calling it "price stability". Really, that's what the Federal Reserve tells people, it attempts to achieve "price stability" by targeting a constant rate of inflation of 2%. This is PURE DOUBLE SPEAK. What's more, when the Federal Reserve, the Treasury and the Federal Government have lost control of inflation via their policies and it runs hot they - and those throughout the economy who do not want to draw attention to this fact - will do everything in their power to mask it. This manifests itself in the CPI underreporting actual inflation and products shrinking right before your eyes as prices remain the same.

And as Jeff highlights, anyone who attempted to sound the alarm bells as they experienced price rises in their every day life over the last few years were labeled a CoNsPiRaCy ThEoRiSt for uttering words that happened to fall outside of the "expert" class' accepted talking points. Now, as it becomes impossible to ignore the fact that inflation is here in many essential commodities, real estate, and the stock market, the narrative is shifting to it's not a big deal. "It was expected!" they'll cry as what's left of the middle class gets pushed closer and closer to the brink of poverty.

After this phase comes the "cope" phase. During which the "expert" class will attempt to fiatsplain the reasons why losing purchasing power in a very quick manner is "actually good" and you shouldn't want to own anything anyway. Don't let them win that narrative battle. We must fix the money lest we end up in a global Communist hell hole.

If you've been paying attention you may have noticed the "expert" class that enjoys traveling to Davos once a year has been trying to normalize this insanity for a while now. They want you stuck on the hamster wheel forever as they pillage the world and take away your civil liberties.

Final thought...

Beer can chicken season is back, baby!


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