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Issue #968: Privacy tools coming to more wallets

Issue #968: Privacy tools coming to more wallets

Apr 9, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #968: Privacy tools coming to more wallets

Last weekend, a group of developers participated in a hackathon hosted by MIT focused on building on a privacy focused bitcoin mobile wallet, ONION '78, with a focus on improving UX/UI around user flows. Above is a video demo of the user flow for a P2EP payment (pay-to-end point), a way to payjoin UTXOs automatically when transacting with someone. Here's a slide presentation that goes into more detail about ONION '78 and the privacy problem it is attempting to solve. I highly recommend you freaks give both a peep when you get a chance.


As has been said many times in this rag, Bitcoin's privacy assurances are suboptimal at the moment. Especially because most people accumulate via exchanges that are forced to collect very personal information on individuals due to KYC/AML regulations and can also guess which non-custodial addresses are their clients when they send bitcoin off the exchange. There needs to be better wallet software developed to help break the heuristics used by chain surveillance companies so that Bitcoin users can transact with better privacy assurances. Luckily, more teams are working on this. At the mobile wallet level, Samourai Wallet's payjoin implementation, Stowaway, is the only wallet that has this type of function that I am aware of. It is extremely encouraging to see more teams implementing payjoin capabilities into their mobile wallet software.

If enough wallets enable this type of transacting, there is a chance that we can break and render these chain surveillance companies obsolete after a certain tipping point of transactors is met. We here at the Bent wish the team at ONION '78 and any others working on similar projects good fortune as they put their heads down and build things that make it easier for Bitcoiners to transact with better privacy assurances. Onward!

Final thought...

The Masters is such a calming event.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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