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Issue #938: Bitcoin changes the game

Issue #938: Bitcoin changes the game

Feb 26, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #938: Bitcoin changes the game

Bitcoin is changing the game right in front of our eyes. Excuse me, Bitcoin is changing multiple games at the same time right in front of our eyes. When Satoshi Nakamoto launched the peer-to-peer network we know and love as the Bitcoin network, no one could foresee just how disruptive the network would be. Many saw it as merely a monetary revolution, but could not imagine how this monetary revolution would seep into many major industries and solve decades-long problems.

As we've talked about before, Bitcoin enables us to finally utilize a part of the HTTP stack that was neglected since the inception of the Internet because it is the first tool that allows us to plug a native payments system into the Internet protocol stack. The implications of this will be profound. By leveraging the Lightning Network we can embedded inherent payment properties into services built on the Internet. No more clunky credit and debit card UIs that put your personal info at risk and make checkouts annoying. The efficiencies, security gains, and economic productivity that will be gained from this cannot be overstated. The breakthrough is profound and most of the world is sleeping on it.

Beyond the Internet stack, Bitcoin's proof of work consensus mechanism is allowing us to innovate in ways that were not possible before in meatspace. Particularly when it comes to being as efficient and profitable as possible with the energy sources we have been provided on this rock flying through space. This is a shameless plug of the company I work for outside of this dirty media company I've built, but what we're building at Great American Mining makes me truly excited to get up every day and keep pushing this revolution forward.

You may think your Uncle Marty is crazy, freaks, but we (everyone pushing Bitcoin forward) are creating humanity's first ever monetary tool backed by energy as purely as possible. The ripple effects will be PROFOUND for our descendants and the trajectory of our species.

I want to say more, but I have to go spend time with my family. ONWARD!

Final thought...

Haven't watched the news in months and I may never watch it again.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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