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Issue #899: Twelve years of Bitcoin visualized

Issue #899: Twelve years of Bitcoin visualized

Jan 4, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #899: Twelve years of Bitcoin visualized

Yesterday marked the 12th anniversary of Bitcoin's Genesis Block being mined. A historic event that will be used to delineate two eras; the anomalous era of centrally controlled fiat currency and the restoration and cementing of a free market sound money standard for the Digital Age. To celebrate the momentous occasion and the drive home the beauty of the Bitcoin Network and how we humans have interacted with it up to this block in time, I highly recommend you check out this thread from Steve Jeffress. In it, Steve uses heat maps to help illustrate the tendencies of individuals using Bitcoin since it was launched.

The two maps that stood out to me personally were the 3rd and 4th maps that show bitcoiners - and by extension, humans - like to use nice round numbers. Whether it be sending someone a round amount of sats or an amount of sats that represents a round amount of cuck bucks humans seem fascinated with perceived perfection. In this case, perfectly round numbers.

Beyond this observation, it is becoming glaringly obvious that bitcoin is already the unit of account for a number of individuals around the world. Numbers don't lie and the maps above (particularly #3) prove that there are bitcoiners who are out there that are transacting in satoshis without thinking of the underlying value denominated in cuck bucks. These particular bitcoin users may be in the minority at the moment, but they exist and I expect they will be joined by many more individuals in the years and decades to come. It will be interesting to see how this particular heat map over the next twelve years of Bitcoin's life.

I highly recommend you go through each tweet and open up the maps. The previews above don't do the analysis the justice it deserves.

Signs of inflation on the ground

In early April, we made you freaks aware of the fact that the lockdown of the American economy in conjunction with cuck buck printing and airdrops is eerily reminiscent of what the Weimar Republic did right before its bout of hyperinflation after World War I. While the conditions that led to money printing and airdropping in each scenario is different the mechanics are almost identical - Weimar Republic forced factories to close in response to France's occupation and printed marks to compensate for lost wages v. US forcing businesses to close in response to a virus and printing cuck bucks to compensate for lost wages. Many mainstream financial bloggers have been scoffing at anyone outside of their bubble who even wonders aloud if the actions in 2020 from the Fed and the Treasury could lead to high inflation.

"Ha! Our monetary overlords are omniscient. They have this under control. Trust them. They know what's best for all of us. Especially you, pleb. Finishing eating that Big Mac and put your mask back on."

In reality, it seems that our warnings from April are turning out to be a bit prescient. Above is some anecdotal evidence from the field that highlights the fact that inflation may be running higher than the omniscient kleptocrats want you to believe. These are only a few examples I picked off Twitter this morning and, yes, they are but lowly anecdotes. But my intuition and shopping receipts tell me that inflation is starting to break away. I'll throw another anecdotal data point in here; the baby formula my wife and I have been purchasing for 11 months has increased by 15% since we started buying it on a consistent basis.

It is becoming glaringly obvious that the negative externalities of shutting down the economy and airdropping money on corporations and individuals were not even remotely considered by our merciful overlords.

Something is afoot. The overlords and their muppets in the mainstream financial blogging world are trying to cover it up with the scam that is the CPI. Their narratives are becoming so detached from reality that it is going to be impossible to ignore. Especially if we continue the idiotic lockdowns and begin airdropping MOAR cuck bucks on individuals and corporate behemoths on a more consistent basis.

Be aware, freaks.

Final thought...

About to upgrade my desk and tech set up to levels I've never attained. Pretty pumped about it.


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