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Issue #898: Ending 2020 on a positive note

Issue #898: Ending 2020 on a positive note

Dec 31, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #898: Ending 2020 on a positive note

Well, here we are. The last day of 2020. It's been a very... interesting year to say the least. A year that has proven that most people are docile sheep who will do what they're told by the media men, the politicians, and the expert class they view as omniscient. (Chris Cuomo, Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates and those like them apparently run our lives.) Millions of people around the world compliantly shuttered their businesses, kept their kids home from school, threw muzzles on, and began treating their fellow humans as objects to be avoided. Turning their back on the things that make us the unique, intelligent, and cooperative species that has advanced to levels no other animal can conceive. Fear is one hell of a drug. It makes people do INSANE things. Things that are counterproductive to their long-term well being.

The long lasting effects on the global economy, individuals' mental health, individuals' physical health, and the emotional bonds with our fellow man that make us human will be significant. It's a real shame because the compliant sheep really think they're doing a good thing and making the world a better place and are completely blind to the externalities that will emanate from the year 2020. You can't just turn global economies off and on like a light switch. Unfortunately, it's a bit more complex than that. There will be a lot of structural rebuilding to be done when more people finally wake up to what we've done, which leads to the right turn towards positivity that your Uncle Marty wants to end the year on.

Despite all of these things, I can't help but remain optimistic about the future. While it is true the masses acted like a bunch of herded cattle this year, many from the herd have begun to pick their heads up and say, "Wait a second. What the fuck are we doing?" The best evidence of this has been the acceptance of Bitcoin in the mainstream. Money printer go brrrr has been a strong wake up call for many individuals in 2020. "If they can just print the money, why do we pay taxes? Why do I work? Should we be doing this?" These questions have forced many to seriously consider Bitcoin as an alternative. These considerations are sending people down the rabbit hole to better understand money, how it operates under the incumbent global monetary regime, and why it may be fundamentally broken. And if money is broken and has been for some time, what else is broken? What else have I been lied to about?

On top of this, the hypocrisy that has been on display from the politicians and members of the expert class who think they have the power to run our lives has been so overt that it is becoming nearly impossible to ignore the double standards that have existed in our world for some time now. This is inciting anger, which will hopefully lead to disobedience as we head into 2021. These people don't have a leg to stand on anymore. They've backed the working class into a corner and the working class is at its wits end. Push back is imminent.

Even though we may have completely borked the global economy and the human spirit in 2020, we have a great opportunity in front of us to drastically restructure the way we coordinate. And I'm not talking about the Great Reset the kleptocrats would like to force on us. I'm talking about a return of the type of ingenuity and innovation that materializes when people get desperate. I'm talking about individuals standing up and exiting the system via Bitcoin or using their feet to move where freedom reigns supreme. Hedge fund managers, CEOs, athletes and plebs alike are beginning to DEMAND Bitcoin and expose cuck bucks for what they are; vehicles of wealth theft on a societal level. We're seeing mass migrations out of locked down hell holes like New York and San Francisco to places like Austin and Miami where the dignity of individuals and their craving to live free is being respected. Something is afoot and I like it.

2020 may have been a particularly shitty year in many regards, but I believe a lot of good is going to come out of it. The night is darkest before the dawn and it can't get much darker than 2020.

Final thought...

On a personal note, my son joining us in this crazy world was the best thing to happen in 2020.


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