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Issue #889: Bitcoin is taking over the world. Keep working.

Issue #889: Bitcoin is taking over the world. Keep working.

Dec 16, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #889: Bitcoin is taking over the world. Keep working.

Uncle Marty isn't going to lie. Today is a good day. It feels good to be a bitcoiner today. It's hard not to feel good when the price of the token attached to the most liberating piece of technology that has ever been created hits an all time high. It feels good to be right. It feels good to win. And boy, are bitcoiners winning right now.

The financial TV bloggers were out there talking about Bitcoin when they were supposed to be covering the Fed hearing that went on this afternoon. They were talking to a well respected and calculated hedge fund manager, Scott Minerd, who was explaining that Bitcoin's fair value at the moment is $400,000. It is impossible to ignore Bitcoin as it imposes its will on the world. And as our friend Michael Goldstein points out, this should be expected. Bitcoin is slowly but surely making the Fed irrelevant. We are building a world in which the Jerome Powells of the world wield no power over the production and distribution of money. They are being rendered obsolete by the block.

With all that being said, Bitcoin didn't arrive at this moment without hard work. And as the market begins to take off it is more important to remember this fact and stay focused. The hard work isn't over, freaks. People need to keep educating. Individuals need to keep running nodes. Individuals need to keep writing code. Individuals need to keep reviewing code. Individuals need to keep building businesses that make bitcoin more useful. Individuals need to keep accepting bitcoin as payment for their goods and services. Individuals need to keep mining. Together, those who want to see Bitcoin succeed need to keep working. Complacency kills and we have many things to get done.

Let's get to it.

*pops the champagne*

Final thought...

Cold rain Nor'Easters are possibly the worst type of storm.


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