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Issue #886: Something to strive for

Issue #886: Something to strive for

Dec 11, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #886: Something to strive for

I feel compelled to end the week on a positive note after yesterday's rag. It's easy to get bogged down in day to day minutia and lose sight of the big picture. Luckily for us, good friend of the rag and the pod Dhruv Bansal is back after a 60,000+ block hiatus with Part II of his Bitcoin Astronomy series. If you haven't read Part I, I highly recommend you dive into that before Part II for obvious reasons. The non-obvious reason to get on Part I ASAP is that to learn about the concept of "the center of hash". Once you understand the center of hash and its impact on Bitcoin and potential future blockchains and their role in interplanetary commerce, your Uncle Marty is convinced your mind will be sufficiently blown.

via Dhruv Bansal

This is a great piece to read after stewing over yesterday's rag about looming regulations on self-custody because it is in stark juxtaposition to the type of thinking that those potential regulations stem from. While power drunk bureaucrats are lashing out in fear and attempting to stymie a revolutionary technology they don't understand, Dhruv is helping to illuminate the incredible possibilities the Bitcoin blockchain provides for humanity. In this particular series, Dhruv is forcing us to think big and strive for a future in which we harness all of the possible energy we can on Earth before moving beyond our atmosphere into our solar system. And after that, out into our galaxy and the others beyond it.

While this series is labeled as science fiction, it is extremely educational and a great way to learn about the dynamics of hash rate, block time, and transaction relay over long distances. Dhruv's ideas may be considered science fiction now, but I see them as goals that our global society should be striving for. They will take centuries to bring to fruition, but the existence of the Bitcoin blockchain allows us to start planning for this type of galactic expansion. Let's get to work harnessing all of the energy on Earth so we can join the aliens in inter-galactic travel! We're doing our best at GAM to make this dream a reality!

Final thought...

Martini with the app and wine with the steak is the only way to go on a hot date night.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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