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Issue #878: An Arsonist is back to restore the American Dream by turning it into a Woke Nightmare

Issue #878: An Arsonist is back to restore the American Dream by turning it into a Woke Nightmare

Dec 1, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #878: An Arsonist is back to restore the American Dream by turning it into a Woke Nightmare

The lines in the sand are becoming clearer by the day, freaks. The kleptocratic elite who have done their best over the last five decades to rip our society apart at the seams are gearing up to turn their strategy up to 11. Earlier today, Janet Yellen gave a speech during which she outlined the goals she will strive for if confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury under a Joe Biden administration. Her grand plan seems to be bringing Woke Capitalism to the Treasury and the Fed. Using her power over the purse to ensure that we Build Back Better™!

Have no fear, Queen Janet is here to use her powers to end the gender pay gap, wealth inequality, racial injustice, and the "climate crisis" we find ourselves in.

This is real rich coming from a woman who is one of a very select group of individuals directly responsible for widening the wealth inequality gap by enabling the Cantillon Effect through Fed policy. Even richer when you consider she will be attempting to solve these problems while working for Joe Biden, an individual who is single-handedly responsible for some of the most racist laws to be passed in this country over the last three decades. Particularly, the Crime Bill that he snuck mandatory minimums for crack possession into.

Do we really trust the arsonists who started the fires raging throughout our society to put them out? If these individuals have been so abysmally wrong in the past, why the hell do we continue to cede control to them? How do we expect to fix anything when we keep putting up with the literal definition of insanity?

The scary thing about Janet's plans is that she is taking them to further extremes. While at the Federal Reserve, Janet and her fellow incompetent central bankers attempted to pick winners and losers in an indirect way; via the Fed window, which allocates the flow of funds from the Fed to the rest of the economy via member banks. If she is confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury, she will have even more power and seems keen on picking more granular winners and losers in the name of social justice.

Make no mistake, the only way the Treasury - in conjunction with the Fed - can address these things with the powers given to them is by taking control over the means of production to some extent. Forcing business owners and citizens to direct funds in a certain way. Slowly buy surely, these psychopaths are leading us towards a Socialist hellscape.

"Woah Uncle Marty, are you some sort of racist, misogynist asshole who hates the planet?"

No. I just have a hunch that the free market solves these problems and politicians and their underlings don't. In fact, they have consistently made things considerably worse over time as they perturb the free market. Leading us to the position we find ourselves in today; a fat, broke, and confused populace that cannot identify the core driver of our societal problems.

If Janet, Joe Biden and crew get their way the world will be much worse off as their policies inject inherent friction between groups of individuals who are tossed into labeled buckets by the feckless woke elite. These policies would destroy any semblance of objectivity that remains in today's society. All in the name of being "equitable". A word that should induce alarm bells in your head when used in the context of planning a national economy.

At the end of the day, these types try to play into the emotions of the masses because they know it's the best way to control the masses. They need to create a mirage of moral superiority to get people bought into their crazy ideas.

The politicians and other individuals in power like Janet Yellen cannot possibly solve the problems they claim they can because they are so far removed from the people they are claiming they are here to save. In reality, they are leveraging our lizard brain emotions to grab more control over the masses and the means of production.

The only way out is a grassroots effort led by people who are actually close to and understand the strife that the most vulnerable are suffering through. This is why we Bitcoin, freaks.


Final thought...

Your luck wishing did not help with yesterday's flight. What was supposed to be a 5-hour flight turned into a 12-hour stint in purgatory.


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