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Issue #873: Taproot week begins

Issue #873: Taproot week begins

Nov 23, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #873: Taproot week begins

Ben Carman, friend of the rag and the pod, has decided to meet the demand for quality educational content about Taproot by launching #TaprootWeek. If you're looking to learn more about Taproot, how it works, and the benefits it could provide Bitcoin users give Ben a follow and learn a little bit every day this week.

Last night, Ben started off the week with a description of Schnorr signatures, how they differ from ECDSA signatures, and the efficiencies they will bring to Bitcoin in the form of smaller signatures, smaller keys, key aggregation, and easier verification. These are improvements that will make things like initial block download and multisig data usage significantly more efficient. This would allow us to reduce our block space footprint today (today being the day Schnorr is activated and made available to users), slowing the pace chain size growth so that future Bitcoiners can use the network in a trust minimized fashion. These are the type of improvements that you want to see as an individual who believes in a future in which the Bitcoin Network is at the heart of the global economy.

Make sure you give Ben a follow so that you don't miss any of the Taproot content he'll be publishing this week. If you want to stay up to date with the state of Taproot activation you can do so at

Do you really have a choice?

Something to consider during this lame duck...

Final thought...

The Eagles are absolutely abysmal and they're still going to win the NFC East.


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