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Issue #857: Bitcoin and the Fourth Turning

Issue #857: Bitcoin and the Fourth Turning

Oct 30, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #857: Bitcoin and the Fourth Turning

Here's a long read for your Saturday morning from our good friend Brandon Quittem; Bitcoin and the Rhythms of History. I highly recommend you freaks check it out if you have some time to spare. In it, Brandon walks readers through the concept of the Fourth Turning, the cyclical nature of generational archetypes, where we stand today, and how Bitcoin provides us with an opportunity to escape the increasing insanity of the world.

Brandon wrote a tweet thread to accompany the launch of his piece, and I highlighted a few tweets above that get to the crux of the crossroads we find ourselves in.

We all know that there are many many individuals out there who think your Uncle Marty is absolutely insane. Who the hell decides to wake up every morning and write about funny Internet money? Why would someone subject themselves to such a lifestyle? Does he receive the help I think he needs?

I'll tell you why, freaks. I'm being dead serious when I say this, it is imperative that Bitcoin succeeds. If it fails somehow, the future of humanity for generations to come is very very bleak. Without Bitcoin existing and succeeding in providing the world with an alternative that enables individuals the world over to peacefully exit an increasingly dystopian system that wants to control your every action, I would have little, scratch that, no optimism for the future.

The incumbent system is on a very direct and narrow path towards a world in which the masses are slaves. The emergence and growing crescendo of calls for a "Great Reset" from kleptocratic bureaucrats the world over should send shivers down your spine. These psychopaths want to control every aspect of your life. How you speak. How you spend your money. Who you associate with. Where you can move. What you put in your body. The best and easiest way for them to implement their psychotic urges is to control the monetary system at a very granular level. In case you haven't noticed, all of the major despotic governments, intelligence agencies, and central banks around the world have been loudly exploring the concept of Central Bank Digital Currencies.

As Brandon points out in the last tweet above, these CBDCs would create an all-powerful, closed-loop spying apparatus that controls your ability to spend money. They'll have so much granular control that they will be able to airdrop digital dollars into your account, give those dollars an expiration date, and mandate that they can only be spent at certain places for specific goods. Is this the future you want for yourself and your children?

I didn't think so. This is why it's imperative that you step up and support Bitcoin as loudly as you possibly can. Don't give these insane people an inch.

Peep Brandon's piece to be better prepared.

Final thought...

Waking up at 5:30AM to watch Sesame Street and play cars with an infant ain't all that bad.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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