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Issue #810: 2020: The Spin Cycle

Issue #810: 2020: The Spin Cycle

Aug 25, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #810: 2020: The Spin Cycle

Tyranny is rearing its head with authority in many ways this year.

2020 is doing an incredible job of clearly separating the sheep from the remnant.

Those who take pride in taking force fed narratives and screeching them at others and those who have developed an inherent skepticism to said narratives after years of watching popular narratives turn out to be complete lies used to manipulate sheep.

Those who are nihilistic and those who believe they are on this planet to produce something of value and strive to be a good person; a productive member of society.

Those who believe the State's purpose is to provide comfort and protection and those who realize the State is an evil force that is growing stronger and more brash by the day.

Those who unwittingly succumb to media induced fear and those who understand that the media exists to induce fear that results in particular reactions.

These are some dark, dark times.

The thing that irks me the most about this year is the unrelenting torrent of logical inconsistencies that have played out since this virus began to take over the narrative.

Shutting borders to stop the spread is racist, xenophobic behavior. The government didn't shut borders quick enough.

Masks are ineffective, don't buy them. Masks are mandatory, don't walk outside without one.

There's never been an effective vaccine for a coronavirus. The whole world must wait until there is a vaccine for this coronavirus.

You can trespass on private property and intimidate the owners of that property. If the owners try to defend that property, they are criminals.

You can go to Walmart, you can go to Home Depot, Amazon workers can be stuffed in warehouses, you can participate in your local peaceful protest that results in razed towns and destroyed small businesses. Don't you dare think about going to Church, supporting that local small business before it's looted, or meeting up with friends or family to socially interact.

Don't worry, we'll take care of you while we shut down the economy. The Fed prints trillions of dollars and has that new money flow to international conglomerates inducing a face ripping stock market rally while the tens of million unemployed peasants with no stocks get crumbs.

There are plenty more examples, but your Uncle Marty is getting too emotional here. And I know you freaks don't come here for emotion or politics, but it's hard not to get viscerally angry and sad when these logical inconsistencies have led to such confusion and chaos that it seems like society is tearing apart at the seams.

Today's anger was induced by the videos coming out of Kenosha, Wisconsin of looting, burning, and beating innocent people attempting to protect their already struggling businesses from the mob. This violence was incited after yet another senseless shooting at the hands of a woefully undisciplined police officer. The reaction to this event is yet another snowflake on the mountain of logical inconsistencies that have built up this year. The nihilistic destruction of property that belongs to other Common Men just does not compute. This is not productive. This will not get at the core of the issues people are mad about. This simply sets the stage for more coercive control being forced upon the populace by an already overarching State. These actions are counterproductive.

This whole year has been an attack on the collective psyche meant to confuse, disorient and divide. People are divided at the familial, local and national levels. The Common Man is being put through an absolute spin cycle. It is working really well too. People who are confused, disoriented and divided will need to be corralled in one way or another, and you can be damn sure that the incompetent Nanny State will step in to provide the necessary corralling. Further exacerbating the underlying issues in the process. Ready for vaccine passports, Martial Law in cities that have been looted, and more tone policing from the woke elite? It's coming if we stay on this docile, uncritical path.

The true solution is to take a step back, recognize the growing logical consistencies that have been piling up, call bullshit, and begin exiting a system that exists to breed chaos and division so that sociopaths can power grab some more.

The thing the operators of this year's spin cycle are most afraid of is a united populace that calls bullshit. One that pulls the curtain on an incompetent Wizard of Oz, laying bare the fact that those "in control" are nothing but emotional manipulators. They are afraid of a united populace that decides to walk away from their manipulation.

This is why I Bitcoin. Bitcoin provides an alternative. It allows the Common Man to exit this system, start working with his fellow man instead of fighting with him, and leave behind the overarching kleptocratic system that wants him poor, divided, and aiming his ire in the wrong direction.

We'll be back to more optimistic Bitcoin-focused content tomorrow.

Final thought...

We've got a tooth!


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