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Issue #803: This is the end game

Aug 14, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #803: This is the end game

Many view bitcoiners as a cohort of people that is simply looking to get rich quick. Lucky opportunists who stumbled upon a nascent technology and are squatting on its native token in hopes of one day dumping their insane gainz on greater fools. This may certainly be the case for some people who own bitcoin, but those individuals are very short sighted and completely miss the point of Bitcoin's existence. As our friend Elisabeth points out, Bitcoin is the exit strategy from the fiat standard that is tearing the world apart at the seams. The end game is leveraging Bitcoin to successfully wage asymmetric financial warfare against a tyrannical hydra made up of a global central banking and political system run amok. Or fail trying.

It is certainly a lofty goal. It may even be a scary goal for some of you freaks. But make no mistake, this is Bitcoin's raison d'etre. Coming to grips with this is an important part of one's journey through the Bitcoin rabbit hole. You stop viewing Bitcoin as a vehicle to get rich and view it more as an ark that is being built that will protect you from the flood of authoritarianism that is rising throughout the world. Having a digital bearer asset that is hard to confiscate provides individuals with a very powerful tool in the fight against an encroaching tyranny. The technocratic oligarchs who would like to uniformly tax every human on Earth so they can implement their freedom inhibiting policies will be effectively neutered if we are able to successfully exit their roadmap via Bitcoin.

Think that last sentence was a bit hyperbolic? "Okay Uncle Marty, you're crazy side is showing." Let me make you aware of the World Economic Forum's plan for a "Great Reset". An initiative being pushed by unelected elites who think they can micromanage the global economy via broad brush policies that affect every human on the planet.

This is what Bitcoin is up against. If you don't want to be micromanaged and herded into a depressing future designed by the sociopaths who are part of the World Economic Forum, exit the Great Reset with Bitcoin. The road to a successful exit will not be a smooth one. The people in power certainly do not want to cede that power over to the Common Man. They will fight tooth and nail to impede Bitcoin and provide the world with alternatives they deem acceptable. It is imperative that those building out and aiding the Bitcoin network keep their eye on the prize, Liberty in the Digital Age.

Final thought...

Ancient Aliens is the best show to fall asleep to.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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