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Issue #780: A Reminder: End The Fed

Issue #780: A Reminder: End The Fed

Jul 14, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #780: A Reminder: End The Fed

Here's the reminder of the week for you freaks; we should end the Federal Reserve. As our friend Andrew D points out, we do not live in a free market. As much as we like to pretend that we do, we most certainly do not. This is made glaringly obvious by the existence of the Federal Reserve and its penchant to intervene in markets. Printing money at will when it deems doing so as necessary and picking winners and losers in the process of pushing that ex-nihilo money into the system. Couple the Fed's actions with a government imposed shutdown of the economy and the picking of winners and losers gets taken to another level.

There is no better evidence of this than the fact that Jeff Bezos of the world have become considerably more wealthy this year as the Common Man small business owner who was forced to cease operations "temporarily" is shutting down for good. Why is his business allowed to fail, yet the airlines, cruise lines, private equity firms, and banks are bailed out? Again, this is not anything close to a free market. We live under a socialist system that favors crony corporations. It is unfair and it needs to end.

Never forget, the idea of the Federal Reserve was created by a cabal of entrenched bankers during a secret meeting on a private island off the coast of Georgia. The bankers then drafted the Federal Reserve Act, which got pushed through Congress during the Christmas recess of 1913. The bill passed because there was practically no one on Capitol Hill to oppose it. Everyone was home for the holidays. Ever since then our country has been subjected to this man-in-the-middle attack on our monetary system.

They slowly weened us off the gold standard for good and now they have free reign to coordinate with the Treasury to plunge our country further into debt via the purchase of Treasury bonds. Attempting to pull production into the present while forcing future generations to run faster on the hamster wheel. This entity cannot be audited. Its officials are not elected. There is absolutely zero accountability. Nothing will change until people wake up and realize the Federal Reserve has been robbing them blind for more than a century.

Final thought...

Working at a hot dog stand by the beach was a great job growing up. I got to get to know the community, from lifeguards to mailmen to the police department. Everyone loves a high quality hot dog on a hot summer day.


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