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Issue #773: Take back control of your capital and your mind

Issue #773: Take back control of your capital and your mind

Jul 3, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #773: Take back control of your capital and your mind

As we approach the 244th anniversary of the day our ancestors declared independence from England it seems like a good time to remind you freaks that this idea of individual liberty and freedom from tyranny of the State only comes if you fight for it. You have to speak up and act in ways that preserve the ideals that this country was founded on.

If you freaks haven't noticed, the United States of America is drifting further and further away from the ideals which our founding fathers fought for the ability for us to strive for. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are being throttled by a bloated state and its corporate partners. This throttling manifests itself in many ways; via the militarization of the police, overbearing taxation that does not result in quality government services but massive waste and misallocation of capital, corporations deciding who can and cannot have a voice or receive money on the Internet, a corporate media class that works to propagandize instead of inform, and unfettered seignorage facilitated by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury that debases the wealth of every citizen attempting to make a better life for him or herself. Combined, these forces have turned the United States into a country that hinders the Common Man's attempt to strive for liberty and dignity at every turn.

What's worse, the Common Man is currently being pitted against his peers by the forces described above. Intentionally divided and put into frames like red team or blue team, or white or black to distract from the slow encroachment on civil liberties that has persisted for some time now. This encroachment on our liberties, if allowed to continue unabated, will turn this country into something that would make the founding fathers embarrassed to be associated with. If more individuals do not stand up and fight for their ability to attempt to achieve a happy life, we will all wake up one day with no recourse against tyranny other than physical violence. I would very much like it if we avoided that scenario.

People need to wake up and realize their emotions are being manipulated to push an agenda that would leave the Common Man on both sides of the divide worse off. The squabbling incited by the political and media class serves as a distraction that allows the powers that be to make more effective strikes against our civil liberties. The Common Man must stop fighting amongst himself and turn his ire towards the true enemy; an amorphous hydra of gutless sociopaths who want to control his thoughts and his capital. To do this, the Common Man must use the tools at his disposal to build systems that deny the amorphous hydra of gutless sociopaths any ability of control.

This is why we Bitcoin, freaks. By owning bitcoin, running a node, and attempting to educate others about why Bitcoin is important, we are speaking up and acting against the encroaching tyranny of the hydra that would like to transition us to a communist country. Bitcoin is a peaceful revolution. Individuals the world over can fight back against tyranny from the comfort of their couch if they so please. There is no need for violence. Bitcoin unites the world by providing individuals with an apolitical messaging network and hard asset that can be controlled by no one.

Bitcoin is not the only tool at your disposal. You can get away from the disgusting, disingenuous corporate media by seeking out alternative information sources. Building lists and doing your own research. Remember, in the Information Age the onus is on the individual to discern the truth from fiction. You cannot trust the sources that many have relied on for too long. You must work hard to verify things for yourself.

I think doing these two things alone is a great start to clawing back our civil liberties and bringing this country back from the brink. Take back control of your capital and your mind. This is what the founding fathers would have wanted. If enough individuals actually do this we can begin to handle the problems of a militarized police force, overbearing taxation, unfettered seignorage, corporate propaganda and the slowly creeping force that is moving us closer to communism.

Focus on the problems you can solve on an individual level.

Final thought...

Had a pod of dolphins swim by during my morning surf. They were pretty chill.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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