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Issue #771: Reminder: Mesh networks will be very important for Bitcoin

Issue #771: Reminder: Mesh networks will be very important for Bitcoin

Jul 1, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #771: Reminder: Mesh networks will be very important for Bitcoin

Here's a Thursday reminder for you freaks; building out robust mesh networks is imperative for the long-term survivability of Bitcoin. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Randy Brito, co-founder of Locha Mesh, over a video conference earlier this afternoon to discuss what he and his team are attempting to build. Locha is an open-source mesh network that is attempting to provide individuals around the world the ability to send and receive encrypted messages to each other without having to leverage an Internet Service Provider or a cellular network. This includes sending and receiving bitcoin transactions.

Locha is also very focused on providing this utility for people living in countries with unstable governments who tend to shut down the Internet intentionally or via an inability to maintain their electrical grids. Countries like Venezuela and Ethiopia.

On top of providing individuals who need the ability to communicate outside the purview of the government, mesh networks in their final form seem to be, at least to me, the most ideal way to relay bitcoin transactions in the long-run. ISPs and the large telecommunications corporations that control cell networks can spy on their users with ease. Of course there are tools like VPNs and Tor that exists, but they are in no way iron clad. The ideal stack for sending and receiving transactions and data about the current state of the Bitcoin blockchain would involve a combination of satellites, a mesh network, and infrequent transmission of data via ISPs.

The big hurdle to making this dream a reality is that it requires a hardware revolution. Mesh devices need to get into the hands of many many people throughout the world. This is something Bitcoiners need to put more focus on in my opinion. I've said it many times before, Bitcoin is as much of a hardware revolution as it is a software revolution. If Bitcoin is to succeed in the long-run, your Uncle Marty thinks more bitcoiners need to learn how to mesh.

Be on the look out for my interview with Randy next Monday. Subscribe to the podcast via your local podcasting network. If you're already subscribed and you're liking the content, feel free to rate/review the show.

The Three Gorges Dam breaking could impact Bitcoin

In case you freaks aren't aware, China is currently in the midst of its rainy season and this year's seems to be turning out to be a big one. Reports, which are admittedly hard to verify, are coming out that one of the largest dams within the country, the Three Gorges Dam, is in danger of breaking. Putting 400,000,000 in harms way. This would be a devastating event and we are praying that the dam can hold as the rain continues. But if the reports and videos coming out of China are to be believed, things are not looking good.

If the dam breaks, it could have a material effect on the Bitcoin network depending on how many mining farms and ASIC manufacturers are located within the floodplain around the dam. We could see a material drop in hash rate as well as a massive disruption in the supply chain of ASICs.

I do not have complete information on these variables or the legitimacy of the reports I've read, so if any of you freaks reading this have better information, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Final thought...

Deck chillin during a thunderstorm. One of the simple pleasures in life.


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