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Issue #764: The Communists are confident right now

Issue #764: The Communists are confident right now

Jun 22, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #764: The Communists are confident right now

Your Uncle Marty is becoming more and more unsettled by the day as it seems that individuals who would like to turn the US into a Communist country are gaining confidence. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd many opportunists have hopped out of the woodwork to leverage legitimate outrage to pursue and advance a nefarious agenda; destroying the American ideals of individual Liberty, private property rights, and capitalism as way to organize a peaceful society.

As we said last week, America has strayed far from these ideals over time and can probably be more accurately described as a system of corporate communism at the moment, but I think it is safe to say that your average American believes that America's ideals are accurately described above. Many, myself included, are attempting to push our wayward country back towards those ideals. I focus on Bitcoin because I believe it embodies the ideals of individual, private property rights, and capitalism in protocol form. Anyone who feels so compelled is able to download the software, use it to protect and self-custody their wealth without a third party, and interact with anyone else they would like to who is also using the protocol without needing to ask for permission to conduct commerce. The protocol allows us to attempt to reverse the momentum of a pendulum that is swinging in the wrong direction; towards full blown communism.

Bitcoiners and others like us are up against a very powerful force that is currently sweeping the United States; a communist movement disguised as an anti-racist/anti-fascist movement. A movement hiding behind Orwellian names like Black Lives Matter and Antifa (anti-fascists) to toy with people's emotions so they can forward their agendas. If you don't support Black Lives Matter, you're a racist. If you aren't down with Antifa, you're down with fascism. Obviously, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Black Lives Matter isn't a hashtag, it's an organization with a well defined agenda. An agenda that is deadset on destroying the ideals that your average American strives for. The pursuit of this nefarious agenda is exemplified in the destruction of property we've witnessed over the course of the last month. Destroying property and tearing down statues are ways in which the people who would like to bring communism to America degrade the country's ideals. Destroying property signals that private property shouldn't be respected and bringing down the statues is indicative of the movement's intent to erase the country's history. It is time to step up and speak out as loud as possible against these bad ideas that will lead America and its citizens to ruin. That is why I am writing this letter today. Hopefully I don't get cancelled.

The tactics being deployed today by this radical communist movement have been part of the play book for some time now. Here is a video from many decades ago explaining how this fascist movement will use race as an issue to divide the country so their agenda can be pushed forward. This is a truly maniacal manipulation of people's emotions and it is working. My hope is that spreading more information like this will help individuals wake up and realize that they are being manipulated. Of course black lives matter! Of course fascism is bad! That doesn't mean you have to support organizations that want to bring communism to America to believe these things. They are attempting to make it seem otherwise and anyone who cares about Liberty cannot allow that to become normalized.

The saddest part of all of this, as Yuri Bezmenov warned us, is that the individuals who fell prey to these emotional manipulations will be completely discarded if the movement is ultimately successful. These movements do not care about lives or preventing fascism. Quite the opposite is true. They care about dictating how others live their lives and that will be achieved via fascism if they ever attain enough power.

Be aware, freaks.

Final thought...

Epic sunset last night. One for the ages.


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