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Issue #752: The network strengthens  with Core v0.20.0

Issue #752: The network strengthens with Core v0.20.0

Jun 4, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #752: The network strengthens with Core v0.20.0

Quick rip today.

Yesterday, Bitcoin Core v0.20.0 was officially released and it comes with a bunch of crucial updates that we have been anticipating here at the Bent. Here are a few in particular that I think are massive for the network.

via bitcoin-dev mailing list
via bitcoin-dev mailing list
via bitcoin-dev mailing list

First up, ASMAP is here to help defend against potential Erebus attacks in the future from ISPs. This helps fortify the P2P network and makes Bitcoin more robust against partition attacks. Boss.

Next we have dumptxoutset which is a new RPC that sets the stage for assumeutxo getting merged into the codebase. This is huge because assumeutxo would make it considerably easier for individuals to complete initial block download in a timely matter in the future. Allowing them to quickly use their full node for receiving and sending transactions. Boss.

Lastly, we have HWI (hardware wallet interface) + PSBT functions getting added to the Core GUI. To date, Core users have had to deal with the command line to interact with their hardware wallets. This release is the start of allowing users to do more in the GUI with their hardware wallets. To start, users will be able to construct PSBTs. However, they won't be able to finalize and broadcast from the GUI yet. That shall come later. Boss.

Slowly but surely the most popular implementation of Bitcoin gets more robust, more efficient, and more user friendly. This is the type of stuff that gets your Uncle Marty all hot and bothered.

Final thought...

No better way to start a day than a walk to the beach with your family and a quality surf session.


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