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Issue #748: Focus on what you can control so you can regain some sense of control

Issue #748: Focus on what you can control so you can regain some sense of control

May 29, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #748: Focus on what you can control so you can regain some sense of control

There is a palpable tension hovering throughout the world at the moment. It seems that the erosion of the facade of control that the powerful institutions of our world have held in tact for some time is quickening. Society seems to be tearing at the seams at the moment.

Many individuals across the globe are increasingly questioning whether or not being forced to stay home from work to flatten the curve has been justified. Protests and riots are popping off across the US after yet another citizen was murdered at the hands of a government employee hired to "serve and protect". Hong Kong is being stolen by the Chinese Communist Party in an egregious display of extrajudicial thuggery. Twitter is engaged in a public flame war with the President of the United States as it creeps further away from its status as a relatively open platform towards a publisher that dictates what speech is "acceptable" from its users.

Things seem to be more off kilter than usual this week. Even for 2020. As Uncle Marty surveys the chaos from his MacBook Pro it seems to him that the crux of these problems stems from a centralization of control that has driven those in charge to go mad with the power that has been bestowed to them by a complacent populous.

If individuals want to fix these systemic problems, they need to start looking within and taking action to control what they can. Too many want to scream on social media and rage tweet the change they want to see into existence. That's not how the necessary change is going to come about. Personal audits and the discovery of small actions that can be taken locally are what is needed. We're not going to kill the beast of centralized control and micromanagement from the center; i.e., trying to enact change via DC politics, screaming at Twitter to change its policies, waving a finger at China, burning down police stations. The curbing and unwinding of these unnatural systems will be brought to fruition by an acidic erosion that occurs when enough individuals stop being complacent - hoping others will fix the problems for them - and start acting.

Adopting and using Bitcoin is one way that individuals can start taking action to enact meaningful change. Don't like being beholden to an incompetent government? Voice your displeasure by opting out of the monetary system that funds their incompetence. Bitcoin can act as a check that helps you whip these overarching systems into shape.

Beyond Bitcoin, individuals can choose to move to other social media platforms if they are unhappy with Twitter's censorship. Start getting vocal at the local government level. Turn away from a mainstream media that seems hell bent on dividing everyone. Talk to your neighbors. Support local businesses. Stop depending on people you've never met to fix your problems. They don't care about you. How could you even expect them to?

Focus on what you can control so you can regain some sense of control.

Final thought...

I love writing outside.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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