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Issue #728: Orwellian Watch

Issue #728: Orwellian Watch

Apr 30, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #728: Orwellian Watch

Over a month ago, Uncle Marty warned you freaks that the virus hysteria would lead to attempts from the establishment to further erode your civil liberties. Since Issue #699 was posted, the warning is seeming more and more prescient by the day as governments, their lapdogs in the media, and the big tech companies that act as extensions of the State have engaged in a full onslaught on your mind. Now that you are nice and scared, the psychopaths smell blood in the water and are staging their attack on your liberties.

First up, we have another academic from Harvard Law School (what the hell is going on at Harvard these days?!) coming after the Common Man by arguing in The Atlantic that China got it right with their digital panopticon and that the US has been wrong in attempting to uphold our dirty Constitution which protects personal sovereignty and privacy. It is time to ramp up the monitoring of US subjects.

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via @milessuter

"But when this crisis is gone, there is no unregulated 'normal' to return to. We live - and for several years, we have been living - in a world of serious and growing harms resulting from digital speech." A lot to unpack here.

First, the establishment is currently doing their best to hammer home the point that we now live in a world with a "new normal". If you pay attention, you'll be able to notice that everyone from the WHO to politicians to the zombies reading from teleprompters in newsrooms across America have concluded that life as we knew it before the lockdowns began will not be returning. If they repeat it enough, you may just think it's true.

"...serious and growing harms resulting from digital speech." My God, the double speak is strong with this one. What the fuck is "digital speech"? Uncle Marty will tell you what it is, it's free speech that is shared via a digital medium. It is simply free speech. And since the emergence of the Internet and social media, the establishment has come to hate free speech more and more because it tends to screw up their plans to get what they inevitably want, control over you. Sure, there are some falsehoods that individuals are exposed to because other individuals are able to speak freely on the Internet, but that is one of the tradeoffs that comes with free speech. And, freaks, the tradeoff is more than worth it. In the Information Age, the onus is on the individual to be able to filter information for themselves. Critical thinking and good judgment are imperative moving forward. We either live with the tradeoffs that come with free speech or we allocate that thinking and judgment to the establishment. An establishment that has moved slowly and methodically over the last five decades to completely hallow out the middle class and leave the Common Man in a constant state of struggle.

And in regards to those "serious and growing harms", why don't we check in on how the State has allocated your tax dollars in recent years:

It seems as if those "serious and growing harms" may have come from the same class of people who want to limit your "digital speech". They want you to sit down, shut up and give them your hard earned money. Money that they will then use to fund research on how they can manipulate viruses to attack you. They'll then turn around and say it was all for your good. The research was necessary to "be prepared".

If the above proves to be true, the people responsible need to be held responsible by being thrown in jail cells and the funding of these types of "studies" needs to be halted immediately. The hubris of man will never cease to amaze me. Something seems to be amiss. Call me your CRAZY UNCLE MARTY all you want, but I'm simply looking at information that anyone can access.

Speaking of which, remember the sociopathic Harvard Professor from last week who wants to ban homeschooling. Some more of her insane thoughts have been highlighted this week.


Again, what the hell is going on in the halls of Harvard these days?! (Luckily, if you read the article this snippet comes from, you'll find that there seems to be at least a small contingent at the university that rejects this type of thinking.) This woman would like to completely destroy the Constitution and give control of human rights to the State and have it intervene in your family life. She is completely sick in the head. She is a part of a class of people that exist within the establishment who want to control your life; everything from "digital speech" to how you raise your own children.

Be aware, freaks. Be aware. Don't let these sociopaths gain an inch.

Final thought...

It's a great day for listening to The Clash.


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