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Issue #722: They're tightening their grip

Issue #722: They're tightening their grip

Apr 22, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #722: They're tightening their grip

A little over a month ago when the lockdowns started going mainstream, we warned that this crisis would be leveraged to erode civil liberties. When fear and confusion rule the day those, the powers that be like to pounce on an unsuspecting populace. Yesterday, we touched on how the elites hate you and view your children as assets of the State that should be forced into the public schooling system. They are ramping up their efforts to drive this narrative as more parents discover that homeschooling is not that bad in the wake of forced quarantines. Today, we're going to shift our attention to the large corporations that dominate our lives and how they're trying to control the narrative by making sure you don't have an ounce of critical thought in your mind.

In the last twenty four hours alone, we have seen two examples of big tech using their power to curb free speech on the Internet. All in an effort to stop the "spread of misinformation" relating to the coronavirus.

First, we have the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki appearing on the CNN propaganda machine to explain how YouTube plans to remove content that goes against the official narrative that is being put forth by the World Health Organization. An organization that has proven to be wholly inept throughout this entire debacle. To date the World Health Organization (Orwellian naming alert) has; told people that the virus did not spread from human to human, that travel bans weren't necessary, masks aren't effective, and denied the existence of Taiwan as an independent country. How the hell can anyone seriously treat them as an authority and purveyor of quality information on this subject? Why does an organization that was forced on the world by politicians and is filled with unelected "officials" get to be an authority in this situation? Why do they have any power at all?

This move from YouTube seems like nothing more than a move to squash alternative views which, if you have been paying attention, have turned out to provide more quality information throughout this whole ordeal. YouTube is simply morphing into another arm of the propaganda machine right before our eyes. This has been happening for some time now, but the virus has provided an environment of fear and confusion that YouTube can leverage to fully enact their policy of censorship and squashing of alternative views. You really hate to see it.

Next, we have Amazon throwing their weight around to deny authors the ability to publish on their platform if they mention the word "coronavirus". Even if the author is simply using the very popular crisis to help give his readers some context of the time during which his book was published. Completely asinine and an overt appeal to (some obscure) authority.

Uncle Marty must reiterate what he said yesterday, these people fucking hate you. They think you are dumb. They don't believe you should have agency over your own children. And they are moving to deny you the ability to even share information that goes against the narrative that is being spouted by unelected bureaucrats who have no idea what they're doing.

These people have been wrong in both directions too. At first, they spread misinformation about the severity of the virus and how it spreads. Giving people a false sense of security. Fast forward to today and it is becoming glaringly obvious that they have jumped to the other end of the spectrum as they use bunk models to tell us that tens of millions could die. As well as abusing statistics and a lack of testing to make the fatality rate seem higher than it actually is. Using the fear of the unknown as a means to tighten their grip over you.

The powers that be are showing us their cards at the moment. Are you going to let them trample all over you yet again? Or are you going to take this opportunity to wise up and start fighting back against their abuse of power?

Final thought...

Last night's dream involved me attempting to kick start a dirt bag while at a bachelor party that was being held at Florida State University.


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