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Issue #704: An optimistic note

Issue #704: An optimistic note

Mar 27, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #704: An optimistic note

As the world goes mad and stir crazy, I thought it would be a good idea to end the week on an optimistic note. I've lamented enough against the totally corrupt and inept system over the course of the last month.

We are in the midst of some pretty dark times, but things will get better. The sun will continue to rise and life will go on regardless of how dire things seem at the moment. If you focus hard enough through all of the loud noise that has consumed the planet at the moment, there are some pretty promising trends that have surfaced as the masses have been forced into quarantine.

When pushed to our limits, humans prove to be pretty resourceful. This has been proven by the emergence of creative utilization of every day products and 3D printing. In Italy, doctors used a 3D printer to create a ventilator valve that connects to a scuba mask to invent a makeshift ventilator for a patient in need.

Everyone being forced to work from home is making some companies realize that they may be able to ditch the office forever. While not applicable to every company in existence, it makes a lot of sense for some and this forced quarantine may be the impetus that pushes them to take the plunge. Better for bottom lines, better for the environment, and the mental state of employees and their families.

Forced quarantine also seems to be bringing families closer together. Personally, I've been bunkered down with my wife, son and brother. We've been having some very high quality bonding time. Beyond that, we've been FaceTiming our parents twice a day to check in on each other. I hear this is happening with other people too. This is good. Family time is important and the world needs some more of it.

As the economy grinds to a halt and people are forced to stay home from work, they are beginning to question what the hell is going on. Neel Kashkari's soundbite from 60 Minutes has people questioning why we even pay taxes. The fact that a two week shutdown is causing out economy to implode and inciting a $6TRILLION bailout is driving people to ask how things could get this bad. Are we really as well off as a country as we think we are? These questions naturally lead people to more questions about our monetary system and our economy, which may drive them closer to bitcoin.

Speaking of Bitcoin, the network experienced a -16% difficulty adjustment in the middle of the week. Making it a bit easier to find blocks for the entrepreneurs who have miners plugged in. Proving that its incentive system and design work incredibly well. Blocks continue to be produced. Transactions continue to be relayed and processed. Value continues to be secured. Hope for a better future continues unabated.

Times might be tough right now, but hard times create strong, creative and resourceful men. Keep ya heads up.

Here's a very optimistic podcast I recorded yesterday and posted this morning. Turn your vibes up.

Final thought...

Big week of content. I am thoroughly exhausted.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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