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Issue #687: Take Back Your Time

Issue #687: Take Back Your Time

Mar 4, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #687: Take Back Your Time

Yeah, I said it. I earnestly believe it too.

We live in a world in which the common man is forced into a perpetual rat race in order to maintain a slow decay of the quality of his life over the course of decades. Sure, he may get a 2-5% pay increase from year to year with the occasional 10% bump, but this barely keeps up with the real rate of inflation and does nothing to free him from the monotony of a workforce built around busy work. Work that does nothing but perpetuate the system.

FOMC tea leaf reading, back office reconciliation of foreign currency trades, playing around with numbers in a spread sheet to make other numbers look better, unproductive government jobs created to spend tax dollars, and data crunching to force people to consume; all rendered moot in a reality in which the world has a common currency that is accepted anywhere and instantly settled. In a world in which individuals are incentivized to lower their time preference and save for the future. Allowing them to break free from the shackles of a work week dedicated to the machine. Helping to bring an end to senseless wars as the opportunity costs of spending hard money simply get too high. Eventually curbing the displacement of millions of humans from their homes caused by foreigners drop bombs on them. Allowing them to live in peace and prosper. Giving power back to individuals so they can make decisions for themselves without the light nudging of the State.

Imagine the creativity and ingenuity that will be unlocked when individuals aren't living paycheck to paycheck and they are able to take some time to simply THINK without worry. With a clear mind. An incredible amount of potential that is currently trapped in the rat race mindset will be unleashed on the world.

Final thought...

Really wish I was down the shore right now.


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