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Issue #657: Bitcoin, The Real Green New Deal

Issue #657: Bitcoin, The Real Green New Deal

Jan 22, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #657: Bitcoin, The Real Green New Deal

Beware of the woke chains and their handlers who attempt to paint Bitcoin as a wasteful, destructive system that consumes too much energy. These virtue signalers don't understand complex systems, tradeoffs, or reality.

The truth of the matter is, Bitcoin provides one of the strongest incentives to become as energy efficient and as clean as possible. Bitcoin miners seek out the cheapest energy sources in the world. These sources so happen to be stranded renewables and, increasingly, stranded natural gas that would have otherwise been vented.

This is something you freaks know already if you've been hanging around this rag for long enough, but something that can never be overstated. The woke "capitalists" out there would like you to think that Bitcoin's use of energy is immoral do not understand reality, they lack nuance, and they do not know how to think critically. Why lambast Bitcoin's energy consumption and not the energy consumption of cruise ships, the buildings that house large corporations, the machines used to acquire materials for lithium ion batteries, or the private jets used to fly to Davos so the elites can explain to us how they're going to save the planet via taxation and regulation (LOL)?

Big problems call for actionable plans set in reality. Taxing and regulating this problem away is very very very very very very very very wishful thinking. Reality has shown that these "solutions" are often routed around by the market and lead to serious misallocations of capital. Bitcoin mining presents an actionable plan that, again, helps us be more efficient with the INSANE amount of energy that is simply being leaked into the atmosphere and also allows us to help solve the storage problem wind, solar, and hydroelectric solutions currently have.

On top of all of this, if Bitcoin is successful at ushering in a sound money standard for the Digital Age, the amount of misallocated capital in the world will fall drastically. Preventing people from wasting energy to create dumb things that no one needs. It will curb the ability of the State to extend wars via money printing. It will incentivize the death of planned obsolescence and usher in an era of resource efficiency the likes of which the world has never seen.

Don't fall for the empty platitudes of woke chainers looking to scam you out of a glorious future.

Final thought...

Detox season has made it hard to fall asleep.


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