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Issue #624: High-velocity trash economy

Issue #624: High-velocity trash economy

Dec 2, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #624: High-velocity trash economy

Our good friend Rockstar Dev has highlighted a very important term that needs to be gaining more prominence in our modern day vernacular, "high-velocity trash economy". Potentially popularized by Bitcoin Sign Guy, as pointed out by Pierre Rochard here, the term cuts right to the soul of the current global economic mandate. Growth at all costs. Build and sell as much perishable shit as possible to pump the numbers. PUMP THE NUMBERS!

Hey, freak. Yeah, you. Are you out there working to pump the numbers? Oh, really? I better be able to find video evidence of you running around a mall last Friday stiff arming old ladies so that you could grab the last iPhone 11 Pro available at a 20% discount. You better be clicking through Amazon pages right now saving sweet sweet basis points on all the plastic crap that will be tossed aside by your kids in less than a year. On your way home from the mall you better have copped some fast processed food so that you become dependent on medicine later in life. And you for damn sure better have headed back to a house that is adding to the mounting infrastructure and maintenance debt that has been accruing in this country for the last forty years. PUMP THE NUMBERS!

Our high-velocity trash economy depends on you.

In all seriousness though, as someone who is certainly very guilty of participating in and contributing to our high-velocity trash economy, I think it's important to go full George Carlin on people at times to kick start some introspection.

Is this the path we really want to continue on? Has anyone really stopped to think about what we're actually doing here?

Final thought...

Always important to find a dry cleaner you can trust.


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