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Issue #618:

Issue #618:

Nov 21, 2019

You should read through this

Exactly a week ago, we touched on Stratum V2, a new mining protocol that, if implemented and adopted, would help further decentralize Bitcoin mining while making mining pools more efficient.

Today, you can head over to Reddit and observe as Jan Capek, Pavel Moravec, Matt Corallo and Peter Todd answer questions about Stratum V2. If you're interested in learning more about mining, mining pools, and how they operate at a technical level, I would not miss this AMA.

Nothing to see here...

While these repo operations aren't "technically" quantitative easing, they seem to be having the same effect on the Fed's balance sheet and are being justified for the same reason that QE was, liquidity injection.

With that being said, it seems to have worked as stock markets hit all time highs a couple of days ago and that seems to be the number one metric our president is touting to the public recently. Trolling the Fed chairman via Twitter pays off!

Final thought...

Grilling on a dark roof is a dangerous game.


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