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Issue #608: When you fuck up the money...

Issue #608: When you fuck up the money...

Nov 7, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #608: When you fuck up the money...

You may just mess around and fuck up the cornerstone of human civilization, the nuclear family. Here's a link to the great piece our good friend Stephan is referencing below. The effects of inflation on family formation is something we've mentioned in passing before, but definitely deserves more attention.

The inability of people to preserve and build capital throughout time due to the decay of the purchasing power of the dominant money of today is ripping society apart at the seams. The crazy thing is it affects everyone regardless of your socioeconomic status. The rich yuppies living in cities are delaying family formation in hopes that they'll be able to acquire assets like real estate. They make more money and have more things, but the amount of student debt and housing expenses they must endure have caused them to have fewer children later in life. Japan is a great case study on the long-term consequences of money printing. Everyone else seems keen on following their lead.

I know some of you freaks sitting there reading this letter know this to be true deep down. Especially if you've been in a long-term relationship. Money and the inability to save enough of it to feel like you're not constantly treading water is cause for a lot of tension. Add kids into the mix and this stress compounds in a day and age where pre-school tuition in big cities is creeping comfortably into the five figure range. This is not the sign of a "healthy economy" or a society with its priorities straight.

Are you sure you want to continue on this trend?

Final thought...

I miss the old MacBook keyboard. A beautiful keyboard. One of the best.


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