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Issue #602: Holy shit...

Issue #602: Holy shit...

Oct 30, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #602: Holy shit...

There I was, minding my own business, writing a lovely letter about Eric Wall's incredible talk about Big Brother, the state of privacy and cryptocurrencies, and how privacy can be improved moving forward (peep it when you get a chance), when out of nowhere this tweet passed my desk. The tweet linked to this paper from the Richmond Fed. If you look above this paragraph you're currently reading you can see the title and a snippet from the "Abstract" section of the paper.

My God. The Central Planners aren't even hiding it anymore. If the academic speak in the paper is too confusing for you (not a dig at all, these people write like assholes), let me translate their thesis for you. They want to "spatially redistribute" dumb people out of cities and into their own "cognitive hubs". Away from the productive smart people. Don't worry though, they'll be provided with a basic income and will be given plenty of distractions to continue their blind march into indentured servitude.

This is not The Onion, this is a paper written by the academics who have an undue influence over your life via Fed policy. This is how they think. They are trying to model the optimal productivity of humans so that they can "spatially redistribute" us into hubs. They are building the roads to the Hunger Games and telling us as they do it. Regardless of how probable it is that this policy will be implemented, these people should have no influence over the most important tool that humans use. They are completely disconnected from reality.

Buy Bitcoin.

Final thought...

Comedy shows are good for the soul.


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