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Issue #588: Well this is pretty dope

Issue #588: Well this is pretty dope

Oct 10, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #588: Well this is pretty dope

Well it looks like our boy Jack Mallers is at it again. This time, hitting us with a new wallet feature that seems like a no-brainer in retrospect; the ability to sign and verify messages using a unique private key enabled by the Lightning Network. Essentially laying a building block for a future in which individuals can prove their identity using a Bitcoin/Lightning node without the need for a government-issued ID.

We may be witnessing the nascent stages of reputation systems being built on top of Bitcoin/LN that could change the dynamic of commerce and account management in the Digital Age. If this becomes fully fleshed out, works, and is adopted by individuals, we could see the death of the UN + PW hell we've been subjected to since the dawn Internet popularity and the emergence of the individual taking control of their online identity.

Obviously, we are still very early days when it comes to all of this, but it is extremely promising to see individuals like Jack beginning to bring the vision to fruition. We here at the Ƀent will be following the development of this feature as we barrel into the future. If you haven't already, peep Zap.

Final thought...

Southerners have it figured out. Low and slow, baby.


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