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Issue #565: Big picture Monday

Issue #565: Big picture Monday

Sep 9, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #565: Big picture Monday

It's very easy to get caught up in the headlines. To find yourself constantly consuming price charts, information about the latest technical proposals on the Bitcoin mailing list, day-to-day soundbites emanating from politicians and bankers, and news from protests popping up around the world. We here at Marty's Ƀent are certainly guilty of feeding people's addiction to these types of happenings.

While we do believe it is important to be aware of your surroundings and the state of our current condition. It is also imperative to keep the big picture in perspective. Luckily for us, over the course of the last few days, we have been blessed with a couple of pieces that do an incredible job of laying out the landscape that Bitcoin exists within and the way that landscape may evolve going forward as a consequence of Bitcoin's success. If you're out there, caught up in the noise of day-to-day headlines and price charts, I highly recommend you give these pieces a back-to-back read to help recalibrate and put the bigger picture in perspective.

The first is from our boy Nic Carter, A most peaceful revolution, which dives into the current state of Bitcoin's detractors, Bitcoin's "competitors", and Bitcoin as a tool that serves as a vehicle through which one can exit the current system. A true tour de force in lucid thinking on a very complex, interconnected subject; the Bitcoin political economy. As the world turns aggressively towards a global surveillance state, Bitcoin shines as a beacon of hope. Standing strong in obscurity at the moment, but awaiting the arrival of individuals who seek safety from the ills of monetary and political systems that have run awry.

Once you've read through and reflected on Nic's piece, if you're able to concentrate after the inevitable rush of adrenaline you will experience, Felipe Gaúcho Pereira dropped a piece on Medium this morning that serves as a good extension to Nic's; Pax Bitcoiniana: After the Last Country on Earth. Felipe takes the baton and pushes the vision into the future by 150 years. What happens if we crazy fake Internet money fanatics turn out to be correct in our assumptions? What happens if Bitcoin succeeds? How may that change the landscape of politics and civilization overall? In Felipe's view, it won't be pretty and it will take some time. But it will definitely be worth it.

Take some time to think of the bigger picture today.

(Somewhat related.)

Final thought...

Need to get my ass to Colorado at some point.


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