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Issue #562: Hey,

Issue #562: Hey,

Sep 4, 2019

If you answered "yes" to this question and are someone who likes Bitcoin hardware wallets...

Our friend Justin Moon dropped this gem of a product out of the blue last night. BitBoy, a do-it-yourself air-gapped Bitcoin hardware wallet that acts unlike any hardware wallet Uncle Marty has seen to date. This thread was the impetus for an explosion of ponderings about a future in which individuals make their own hardware from scratch instead of buying from a centralized provider. A future in which any attempt to ban the public from using dedicated Bitcoin devices is rendered useless by the fact that one can make their own using spare parts common throughout the computing world. Everyone will have the ability to disguise their dedicated devices as a GameBoy or some other innocuous device. A true cypherpunk future.

In this rag, we like to expound upon the fact that we are early on in this Bitcoin game. This is a technology some, including myself, believe has the potential to be around for centuries or, dare I say, millennia. To think that we fully grasp how to properly leverage and utilize this protocol only 128 months into its existence is asinine. Maybe the world of hardware wallets issued by centralized companies with vulnerable, connected supply chains we have grown accustomed to in the first decade of Bitcoin's existence is misguided. Is it possible the future of Bitcoin is built on DIY hardware as people become more comfortable with piecemealing their own hardware together, giving them the ability to personalize and better disguise their devices?

We shall see. While we wait to see if that future does or does not come to fruition, check out the GitHub page that teaches you how to do it yourself at home.

Final thought...

40-Year-Old Virgin is such a funny concept for a movie. Would it fly today?


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