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Issue #557: Insanity reigns supreme

Issue #557: Insanity reigns supreme

Sep 11, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #557: Insanity reigns supreme

Good afternoon, freaks. In case you missed it, the leader of the free world is publicly screeching at the Federal Reserve in an attempt to coerce the supposed apolitical central bank to institute NEGATIVE interest rates. We here at the Ƀent have been keeping track of NIRP normalization for a bit now. However, I did not think things would escalate this quickly. I did not think we would see Donnie Trump openly calling for the Fed to drop rates below the x-axis this quickly. Though, can you blame him?

The man is attempting to get re-elected and, historically, having a "healthy economy" as one attempts to retain the seat of President here in the U S of A is very advantageous. Trying to get the vote during an "economic crisis" is not as easy. Optics are everything. And Trump certainly seems to be trying to change the optics or at least deflect blame on those who he deems as responsible for an economy that seems to be getting "unhealthier" by the day.

If you're able to laugh at extremely depressing realities, you should be cackling at the moment. The timeline that we're all imprisoned in has a global economy that is purely dictated by the whims of psychos and inexperienced academics. This game is rigged and it doesn't make much sense in the first place.

This is why we Bitcoin, freaks.

p.s. whoever writes Donnie's tweets needs to put in some more effort. there's no way our president knows how to produce the special characters in naïveté.

Final thought...

It's only Wednesday?!


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