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Issue #547: Corporate debt not looking so hot either

Issue #547: Corporate debt not looking so hot either

Aug 13, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #547: Corporate debt not looking so hot either

Well here's a truly stunning chart that flew down my TweetDeck last night. What you freaks are looking at is the total amount of negative-yielding debt in euro-denominated index-eligible corporate bond markets. This year has seen an absolute explosion of bad debt across Europe with the total amount of bonds trading with negative yields jumping from essentially €0 to €792B. When you factor in all investment-grade European corporate debt, that number balloons to €1.4 TRILLION. Or 42% of the total corporate debt market in Europe (as of July 31st).

ABSOLUTE INSANITY. We are truly in the midst of something I feel confident enough to say may be unprecedented. The corporate bond meltdown currently going down in Europe is happening as every duration of German Bund yields are trading in negative territory, with the 10-Year trading below -0.6% and the 30-Year trading below -0.1%. Signaling that businesses across Europe and it's strongest economy, Germany, are not expected to be profitable or growing.

The confluence of events that are unfolding around the world right now makes it very hard to believe that things are going well. Take that woeful European economic outlook and throw in the protests in Hong Kong that are escalating very quickly as the police storm the airport which has been sieged, the ongoing trade war between the US & China, the overt silence via "suicide" of the leader of a global pedophile ring run by the world's elite, and overall trust in government at all-time lows; and one can paint a very bleak picture of the current state of the world.

Luckily for us freaks, we have Bitcoin. A chance to build a system disconnected from the bullshit of the legacy system. One that allows us to opt-out of this insanity and voice our desire for a system based on hard money, distributed consensus and freedom of speech that may prove to be un-co-opt-able by the same greedy, power-hungry, sociopathic kleptocrats that have created the mess described above.

Join Uncle Marty. Find safety in sats.

Final thought...

We need more forums for healthy debate in the world. Went to a great one last night.


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