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Issue #498: Bitcoin is a human right

Issue #498: Bitcoin is a human right

Jun 5, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #498: Bitcoin is a human right

Been a bit of a chore finding something worthwhile to write about this morning, so I figured I'd do a little self-promotion and share a podcast I recently recorded with Alex Gladstein from the Human Rights Foundation with you freaks. I want to share this episode in particular because I think Alex does an incredible job of laying out the case for Bitcoin from a human rights perspective.

We dive into the nature of big tech, the Surveillance State, and their insatiable thirst for data. Whether it be financial data, medical data, data about your travel habits, or about who you associate with; these companies and nation states alike want to attain all of it and use it to manipulate you. When taken to an extreme, these data collection practices lead us to very Dystopian realities that are playing out in places like China.

For those of you who are unaware, there are currently Muslim concentration camps throughout China that are imprisoning more people than were ever held against their will during the Holocaust. This is happening today, in 2019, but no one seems to be covering it. During our conversation, Alex describes how the Chinese government is using these concentration camps to harvest organs and sell them to the highest bidders in countries like Saudi Arabia looking for "Halal certified" organs. Pretty chilling stuff.

Chilling stuff made possible due to the inherent lack of civil liberties that exist in China. This is what happens when we do not take control of our data. When we allow the means of communication and finance to be controlled by a select few with nefarious intentions to control the people using these systems. When we stand by and idly watch as we cede our freedom in the form of Executive Orders and Patriot Acts. This is why we Bitcoin, freaks. Because it presents a chance to take control of the means of finance so that humanity cannot be controlled by those who seek to rule over us.

We have a golden opportunity in front of us. We better not squander it.

Peep the pod.

Final thought...

I miss the ebaumsworld Internet days.


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