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Issue #496: Shoutout to Samourai

Issue #496: Shoutout to Samourai

Jun 3, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #496: Shoutout to Samourai

Over the weekend, a highly anticipated release from the Samourai Wallet team was finally dropped on the world. The open-sourcing of their Dojo product, which allows users to use Bitcoin Core and leverage the privacy-enhancing tools that Samourai has been working on for the last four years. Tools like Stonewall, Stowaway, and Whirlpool, which all aim to break the heuristics used by chain analysis companies who are attempting to track your UTXOs through the blockchain.

The knock on Dojo up to this point has been the fact that it has been run from Samourai's own servers, forcing users to share their public keys with the Samourai team. Admittedly, not ideal. Now users can set up Dojo using their own hardware. Keeping their public keys to themselves, making their Bitcoin experience inherently more private and sovereign. The types of innovations we here at the Ƀent are always on the prowl for.

Huge shoutout to the Samourai team, who has been working tirelessly for years on end, taking small step after small step to make sure Bitcoiners have the ability to transact in private. This release is a validation of all their hard work and persistence when it comes to making Bitcoin the best "street money" that it can be.

It's only getting frothier out there

Following up on Friday's issue, it looks like Deutsche Bank's march towards penny stock territory is continuing unabated this week as the stock hits new lows. Are we about to witness another Bear Stearns moment?

The macro landscape looks like a shit show right now if you ask me.

Final thought...

Nothing beats a cold Negroni on a hot day in the city.


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