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Issue #484: Sharpening the pitch

Issue #484: Sharpening the pitch

May 15, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #484: Sharpening the pitch

Here's something from our boy Hasu that caught my eye on Twitter last night. We're big fans of sharpening the pitch here at Marty's Ƀent and the above sequence of tweets does an incredible job of getting to the crux of Bitcoin's value prop. Condensing the message to <840 characters. Impressive stuff.

What this particular line of reasoning highlights is Bitcoin's utility as a network that works for the downtrodden. Whether it is a population subjected to a currency experiencing a bout of hyperinflation, a content creator that some of the big tech companies decide they don't like, or an individual in an overtaxed jurisdiction looking to store some of their wealth in a vehicle that is extremely hard to seize; Bitcoin is there for these people.

Traditional investors in well off Western countries may be quick to call Bitcoin a scam because if fulfills a use case that their native currencies already serve quite well. Helping them understand that they are not alone in this world, that people subjected to the injustices described above exist, and that Bitcoin is so far ahead in the race against potential usurpers that it is the safest place to allocate your money in this "asset class", is the best way to frame this pitch as quickly as possible.

Go forth! Spread the message, freaks.

Final thought...

My God. It's only Wednesday?!


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