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Issue #481: Brad Sherman, the best Bitcoin shill?

Issue #481: Brad Sherman, the best Bitcoin shill?

May 10, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #481: Brad Sherman, the best Bitcoin shill?

In case some of you freaks missed it, yesterday afternoon Brad Sherman, the Representative from California who has held office for 22-years, came out begging his fellow reps to co-sponsor a bill with him that would ban the sale/purchase/use of cryptocurrencies in Murica, Land of the Free. During his relatively short minute and change plea for help, our boy Brad highlighted just how convoluted the US Dollar system is.

In just 72 seconds, this tenured politician bankrolled by a number of banks explained how the US weaponizes the US Dollar against other countries in an attempt to maintain its "grasp" on the status as a global Robocop and final ruler on who can transact with who. Clearly outlining the reasons why an apolitical soulless money with no ability to be controlled by any one entity or banking cartel would be appealing to the citizens of the world who are subjected to the weaponization of the Dollar. Pushing people lightly towards a natural line of questions like, "Hey, why do we put up with this?", "Why does money work this way again?", and "Bitcoin undermines this thing that makes my life worse off?" Spoon feeding red pills to the world via CSPAN. Incredible time to be alive.

"But Uncle Marty, you sound like some Jane Fonda-esque traitor bitch for attempting to undermine the US Dollar's role as the reserve currency of the world!" Eh, I don't think so. In my honest opinion, Bitcoin is one of the most "American" things that exist on this planet and America is becoming less "American" by the day as we drift further and further away from July 4th, 1776. Entropy exists, this should probably be expected.

Bitcoin's free and open nature aligns perfectly with the ethos of the Founding Father's who freed themselves from the tyranny of King George III. It cements the principles of free speech and free commerce this country was founded on in code controlled by no one entity. There is nothing more American than that. Unfortunately, centuries of persistent pressure from special interests from across the spectrum has forced our government to a point of centralization that I don't believe is sustainable in the long-run without very draconian measures. This centralization has also produced a financial system that relies on protecting the dollar at all costs, which has meant expanding the monetary base by more than 5x in a little less than a decade.

We are fighting wars, both overt and proxy, across the planet to maintain this dominance. Increasing our military expenditure, spreading our army far and wide, and supplying countries that have attacked our own soil with weapons and money to keep in good standing with them lest they decide not to force other countries to convert their currencies to USD before purchasing their oil. It's pretty disgusting if you ask me.

Bitcoin presents a beautiful opportunity to get away from this system. Instead of a world built on wars and geopolitical chess matches driven by the need to protect the dominance of the world reserve currency, killing millions and displacing more, we can cede this control to the globally distributed Bitcoin Network and focus on more worthwhile endeavors. This is why we Bitcoin, freaks.

Final thought...

I wish I still got as jacked up for my Birthday as little kids do for theirs. Young Marty birthday hype was pure.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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