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Issue #463: The case for privacy

Issue #463: The case for privacy

Apr 16, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #463: The case for privacy

Here's a great piece from Meltem Demirors that puts forward the case for privacy and why we should strive to preserve personal privacy for the good of humanity. Using a description of a panopticon and examples of different types of dystopian futures enabled by a lack of privacy and freedom, Meltem does a great job of disarming the tried and true weak ass rebuttal most people give when an individual expresses their desire to retain some privacy, "Well what do you have to hide, criminal?!"

As Meltem points out in the highlighted section above, privacy is something we must continuously fight for lest we get complacent and find ourselves enabling the construction of a digital panopticon that will inevitably enslave our minds and ability to think and act freely. This is a great read to share with your statist friends who welcome the surveillance state with open arms. And a good starting point to jump into more privacy-related reading material.

The hunt is on

In case you freaks missed it, yesterday the world was made aware of a global treasure hunt for $1M worth of BTC (I'm guessing ~200BTC). This hunt has a very strong Ready Player One vibe, as hunters must find 400 shards of a private key before being able to construct it. This hunt promises to come with a leaderboard, which I assume will be filled with teams deadset on stacking sats. Depending on how long this hunt goes on and how the price of Bitcoin moves during that period, this prize could be considerably higher (or lower) than $1M.

Talk about making Bitcoin go viral. This seems like an incredibly fun way to spread the mind virus. I'm off to Times Square to try to find the first clue.


I really like this chart and thought I'd share it with you freaks. Onchain activity increasing into another bull market?

Final thought...

It's officially "time to start prepping the beach bod" season.


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