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Issue #391: Hardcore Bitcoin, a guide

Jan 4, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #391: Hardcore Bitcoin, a guide

Here's a guide for any of you freaks out there who are looking to acquire and store bitcoins in the most anonymous way possible at the moment. As you can see from the above screenshot, our friend mintycosta does not give a darn about your political views or your thoughts on KYC/AML, he is only interested in equipping his readers with the best practices one should use when attempting to ensure their financial privacy. minty does an extremely thorough job, walking readers through ways in which they can attain bitcoins for cash, explaining the different privacy-focused wallets, and the underlying tech that works to ensure your UTXOs aren't easily traceable across the blockchain. On top of this, he explains how to relay transactions outside of Internet Service Providers.

bitcoin in 2019
Hardcore af.

If anything, this guide points out the glaring need for improved privacy in Bitcoin and a better UX flow to make it easier for users to utilize these services. As has been uttered in this rag many times in the past, I believe we are seeing UX improve at a steady pace across the industry due to all the different software and hardware projects competing to provide users with privacy tools. The proliferation of wallets like Wasabi, Samourai, and JoinMarket and hardware products like Casa, Nodl, and Dojo is lighting a fire under the asses of the people working on these products as they race to provide the market with the best, most user-friendly experience. The competition is beautiful and it is extremely beneficial for Bitcoin and the future of financial sovereignty.

Hopefully, more entrepreneurs see the paths paved by these pioneers and decide to jump in the fray. Pushing innovation and usability further, to a point which this technology can be used in a stress-free way by the average man. Who knows if we'll ever get there, but it is very encouraging to see these products coming to market and iterating so quickly. Onward!

Final thought...

Shoutout to all of you freaks who came out to the live recording of RHR last night here in NYC. Incredible vibes. Hope we weren't too inebriated. Enjoy your weekend.


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