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Issue #382: Satellite Signal

Dec 18, 2018
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #382: Satellite Signal

We are living in a Golden Era of people building dope shit on top of and around Bitcoin and very few people - especially at the mediocre mainstream blogs that most people read - are not noticing. In the last couple of months alone, in this rag or from my megaphone I have written or spoken about Casa, Wasabi, Joule, Pierre Rochard's node launcher, txTenna, Nodl, and a number of other exciting projects I'm sure have slipped my mind as I attempt to get this issue distributed in a timely matter. Now we can add Blockstream's increased satellite coverage and (more importantly IMO) SatelliteAPI that will allow individuals to use Lightning Network payments to broadcast encrypted data anywhere in the world via their satellite.

Bitcoin, but in space. 

Regardless of which side you are partial towards in the "Is Blockstream Bilderberg?" debate, this is a pretty incredible tool. A cool tool, if you will, that makes Bitcoin a bit more decentralized, more robust, and harder to attack. On top of this, it opens up possibilities for app developers that may have never existed up to this point. At least not this easily accessible.

blockstream satellite project
bitcoin satellite

Cypherpunks putting their heads down, writing code, launching satellites, and getting shit done. Amid all of the premonitions of Bitcoin's imminent demise, the network and technology being built in, on and around Bitcoin continue to advance like an expanding universe, providing individuals of this planet with ironclad, military-grade tools to be leveraged as they see fit. Most people aren't even cognizant of the fact that they may need these tools, let alone the power they can wield with them. Just wait until the knowledge gap is bridged in a meaningful way.

Don't let the haters cloud the glass with their vapid bullshit as you attempt to peek through the microscope focused on Bitcoin's development and proliferation. Onward!

Final thought...

Pipe is going off right now. We can all take solace in that.


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