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Issue #378: Fed Chair(wo)men are all bullshitters

Dec 12, 2018
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #378: Fed Chair(wo)men are all bullshitters

If you weren't aware of this already, I'm pretty much wholly convinced that the person who retains the title of Fed Chairman or Chairwoman is a professional bullshitter who ultimately has no idea how their policies will affect the overall economy. They are tasked with keeping the dream alive via posturing and "statements" meant to give the markets some sense of calm.

Give me a break.

The warning above from Mrs. Yellen comes just 10-months after her last Fed meeting, when she was posturing like this:

Where were her warnings about these "gigantic holes in the system" when she was at the helm of the Fed? Did these holes simply materialize after she left office? Doubt it. However, we shouldn't single out Janet as she is just one in a string of Fed leaders who proved they had no idea what effects their micromanagement over the economy would have on the populace subjected to their decisions. Over the Summer I detailed Ben Bernanke's incompetence leading up to and following 2008. Peep that here and think about how much power we give these dolts.

Final thought...

Never let a hangover convince you that you're sick. Drink some water. Power through.


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