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Issue #372: Money as a social contract

Issue #372: Money as a social contract

Dec 4, 2018
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #372: Money as a social contract

The image below comes from an incredible piece that our boy Hasu Fly dropped last night that attempts to describe Bitcoin for skeptics. In particular, Hasu breaks Bitcoin down into its social contract and protocol layers to help the layman understand that Bitcoin is simply the evolution of a social contract that has existed for thousands of years, sound money. It's really really hard to fully grasp Bitcoin when one is first approaching the subject. The angle from which one approaches their journey down the Bitcoin rabbit hole can really dictate how long it takes to somewhat grasp what Bitcoin is and how it works.

bitcoin as a social contract
Very good graphic

Luckily for us, we are living in a golden age of Bitcoin explainer content, and I believe the Skeptic's Guide that Hasu is putting together is doing an extremely good job of making Bitcoin an approachable subject for newcomers and hardened skeptics alike. So for any of you freaks who have been in heated debates with the Bitcoin skeptics in your family, friend group, or co-workers I highly recommend you share this series with them and ask them to read it with an open mind. I think Hasu will do a great job of helping you convert the non-believers into ferocious advocates in no time.


Makes ya think...


Read the rest of the thread. Probably best if complimented with an energizing spliff.

Final thought...

Joe Dirt, very underrated comedy of our time. "That's a space peanut."


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