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Issue #365: More of this please

Nov 20, 2018
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #365: More of this please

To me, the best path to fulfilling the dream of Bitcoin as a super decentralized GLOBAL system includes a (totally round) world in which we have plug and play hardware that serves multiple purposes like Francis' miner + furnace above. At the moment, these visions may seem like pipe dreams due to existing hardware limitations and lack of overall confidence in Bitcoin, but I do truly believe this is one of the long-term goals we should all recalibrate to and strive for as we build out this network.

Dual-purpose bitcoin-focused consumer hardware gets my adrenaline pumping.

Imagine a future in which people in cold climates do not have to pay to heat their homes anymore and instead MAKE money from the process as their heaters double as Bitcoin miners connected to a pool receiving payouts to pay energy bills and stash away some profits. Again, we are pretty far from a world in which these type of consumer products are ubiquitous, but - as we can see from Francis' tweet - working prototypes exist and are actively netting people profits right now. This is huge! Now, all we need to do is find some capitalists willing to take the risks to invest in turning this prototype into a plug and play product for the masses.

It would add to the growing list of new plug and play hardware tools for Bitcoiners like the Casa Node or As we get deeper into the bear market and as panic begins to spread, I want to highlight stories like this that show that the actual work that is needed to be done to make this thing practical in the long-run is getting done. Slowly but surely. Despite the absolute massacre of the price of bitcoin this year, the Bitcoin network continues to produce blocks roughly every ten minutes, endeavoring entrepreneurs continue to pour capital into the infrastructure needed to make this practical, and the masses continue to get "Bitcoin" burned into their psyches as it has become an inescapable topic of conversation.

Damn, I got myself so jacked up from that last paragraph that I have the urge to buy some more bitcoin.

Final thought...

Wow, a year's worth of Ƀents. Didn't expect to make it this far. I'm so sorry I've subjected you all to my nonsense. You seem to get a kick out of it though.

Going to hit the sidelines for the rest of the week to travel home, relax, and not think about Bitcoin (j play). Enjoy the rest of your week, freaks.


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