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Issue #352: The battle for Bitcoin's soul

Nov 1, 2018
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #352: The battle for Bitcoin's soul

When you get a chance, make sure you put 15 minutes aside to peep this piece that Nic Carter dropped last night as most of the world was collecting + consuming candy, imbibing alcohol or a combination of both. As always, Nic does an incredible job of lucidly describing Bitcoin's current condition in the context of its whole existence. One thing I love in particular that Nic brings to light, Bitcoin's unorganized, chaotic, and undefined governance structure gives it a soul that keeps advocates engaged and passionate.

Can we handle this responsibility?

We are currently in a lull after a long-fought war over the blocksize. The dust is settling, narratives and marketing pitches are being fine-tuned and consolidated, and the bear market is beginning to bore the hell out of everyone. There will be more turmoil ahead. I think Nic's attempt to help define what has caused strife within Bitcoin in the past is incredibly important as we develop a new base from which to argue during the next inevitable disagreement over the future direction of the protocol. Do yourselves a favor and read it.

Final thought...

Mailchimp was down for most of the morning, so I wasn't able to go in as much as I would have liked to. Back to wage cuckin'.


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