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Issue #342: BitMex drops a Bitcoin client

Oct 18, 2018
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #342: BitMex drops a Bitcoin client

Yesterday morning, the legends at BitMex Research dropped a blog post in which they broke down the dynamics of the Bitcoin Core software project and how others have and can compete against the repository. Explaining the difference between competing consensus rules and competing implementations.

On top of doing a great job of breaking down the dynamics and nuance that goes into competing with the Bitcoin Core project in different facets, the BitMex Research team announced that they are launching a competing client to complement the Core repository and provide a fail-safe for the project in case the repository gets compromised in any way.

As always, go read the post because the team at BitMex does an incredible job of breaking down pretty complex topics in very digestible ways.

You really can't make it up

That's A LOT of money laundering... from the traditional banking system. You know someone is a normie when they rely on the "money laundering and drug dealers" crutch to argue against Bitcoin. Throw this stat at your boy Chris, who's an "Experienced Associate" at PwC, the next time he throws this weak tripe your way.

That's a lot of gold

The pace of gold buying by governments and attempts to work around the petrodollar is increasing steadily.

Final thought...

Kings of Leon, would love to see them live. Are they still together?


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