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Issue #329: A trip through time

Oct 1, 2018
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #329: A trip through time

Here's a great resource that I've pumped in this rag before, but has gotten some design upgrades recently and deserves another shoutout; The Complete Satoshi from the Nakamoto Institute.

This is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to get a firm understanding of the history of Bitcoin development, the people who were working on it in the early days, and the problems/objections they faced, which seem to keep popping up to this day as more people enter Bitcoin and make the same faulty assumptions as some did in the past. For instance, we all like to rag on our boy Laszlo a lot for spending 10,000 bitcoins on two Papa John's pizzas, but most of us doing the ragging didn't even realize that Laszlo was an integral part of Bitcoin's early development, having developed the first Mac OS X version of the Bitcoin software, opening the project up to tens of millions more potential participants.

On top of being able to go back and see how the first arbiters of Bitcoin worked on the code and discussed the philosophy of the system, again, we can go back and see modern day FUD thoroughly debunked over 8-years ago. Here we have Satoshi refuting the "Bitcoin consumes too much energy" meme in less than 275 words (the first part of the debunking is screenshotted below).

Beyond this, you'll find Satoshi and the other early builders talking about a myriad of other topics pertaining to Bitcoin, its development, the philosophy behind the project and how to best scale the tech so it could reach the masses. For instance, here we have Satoshi explaining why he chose the reward schedule and 10-minute blocks to a person named Suggester.

If you're bored at work with nothing to do and are interested in learning more about Bitcoin, I highly recommend you click through Sathoshi's posts and learn from the man/woman/group/alien who started it all.

Final thought...

I've been getting lit up by mosquitoes in my sleep for the last few nights. Never been a big fan of mosquitoes and their blood-stealing ways.


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