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Issue #317: Morgan Stanley joining the fray

Sep 13, 2018
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #317: Morgan Stanley joining the fray

Here's some news out of Wall Street that seems pretty good for Bitcoin, Morgan Stanley is building out Bitcoin derivatives products that their customers may soon have access to. Slowly but surely Bitcoin creeps further and further towards full normalization and ubiquity in our world.

With that being said, these are (apparently) synthetic derivatives that don't give Morgan Stanley's clients the ability to buy and hodl bitcoin directly, but they will be able to go long and short the nascent digital currency with price return swaps. Add another vehicle through which Bitcoin becomes more legitimate in the eyes of the mainstream to the list. Always remember though, you don't own the bitcoin unless you control the private keys.

Back to basics

No time better than the depths of the bear market to sharpen your understanding of monetary history. I highly recommend you read through these writings from Nick Szabo at your own pace. Reading these helped me develop a great appreciation for Bitcoin and its goal to become the most ethical, sound money the world has ever seen.

Original paper:

Ethnographic example:

Authority resemblance etc. in the archaeological record:


Final thought...

I always feel more professional when I write this rag with pants on.


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