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Issue #1344: Telling the truth will have asymmetric returns over this decade

Issue #1344: Telling the truth will have asymmetric returns over this decade

May 15, 2023
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1344: Telling the truth will have asymmetric returns over this decade

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. In a world sitting on a mountain of lies, those who tell the truth will reap massive benefits when people wake up to those lies.

It may seem a bit contrarian considering the acceleration of the clown world we find ourselves living in, but I do believe that people are beginning to realize that they are being lied to on a scale that hasn't been seen in my life. Whether it be in regards to the vaccine mandates that have proven to be misguided and dangerous, the inability of the federal reserve to properly manage the monetary system, or the fact that the two-party system is a mirage hiding the reality that we really live under a uni-party system where nothing seems to change for the better - more and more people are starting to realize that they are being fed a constant stream of lies.

Coming to grips with the fact that you've been consistently lied to by individuals you've been conditioned to believe are trustworthy and have your best interests at heart is an unnerving feeling. No one likes to feel that they've been duped. Or that they were unable to recognize that they were being duped in the moment. But, like it or not, hundreds of millions of people are going to begin to realize that they have been in the process of being rugged by the people they were conditioned to believe for quite some time now and that realization is going to create a great opportunity for the individuals who have been speaking up against the authorities and spreading truth to the best of their abilities in the face of strong blow back.

Again, the clown world of lies is accelerating and at some point it is going to be impossible to maintain the web of lies that has been spun over the course of decades. Especially when all the lies seem to be crumbling in unison. One doesn't even need to be very plugged in to realize that something is terribly off. We're at another debt ceiling impasse just 18-months after the last. Banks are failing after more than a decade of extremely accommodative monetary policy. The media refuses to cover the overt corruption of the current administration. People are beign told to deny the fact that biology dictates that you can either be a man or a woman. The powers that be are trying to gaslight the public about what they actually said when they were trying to forcibly inject people with an experimental gene therapy that has led to massive health problems for many who took it.

At some point, the overload of lies is going to completely crack the ability of individuals to take the "authorities" seriously, and when that dam breaks the truth tellers will begin to be recognized. I'm not sure what I'm trying to get across with this particular issue other than my strong belief that you should strive to tell the truth at every turn no matter how hard it can be. It has certainly been hard to be the "bitcoiner" in the family and friend group who has been politely trying to warn those in my circle that all is not well with our money and financial system. It wasn't easy to be anti-lockdown and publicly skeptical of the "vaccine" when it was being forced down everyone's throats. In the polarized political environment we live in, it's hard to be the guy who says, "They're all corrupt. Voting harder doesn't really change things. The federal government is a lost cause." People react viscerally when you point out the lies their reality is built on.

However, I think we've reached a point where the lies are becoming extremely hard to continue believing and those who are telling the truth will begin to see that small act of defiance pay off. As the fiat system begins to crumble at a faster rate and those who have been rugged are forced to figure out what is happening as they try to anchor themselves back to reality, the people telling the truth in the face of ridicule and ostracization will garner respect as a product of their proof of work. That's the beauty of telling the truth. In the long run, no one is able to outrun the truth. It always, inevitably, has its day. And that day is coming sooner than most people realize.

And when it comes to telling the truth, there is nothing that forces truthful action within the economy better than bitcoin. The bitcoin network only recognizes truth.

“This is a valid hash below the difficulty target. You can add a block.”

“The transactions in your block are following consensus rules. Your block won’t be rejected.”

The network forces the individuals who wish to leverage it to act truthfully. This is a beautiful thing because it sets a solid base from which economic activity can be built on. This will be critically important as our generation begins to fix the problems created by all of the lies we've been fed. When all trust in insitutions is lost, having a network that only functions for those who operate truthfully will be a massive level setting that helps us get back on the right track.

Bitcoin is but one tool that will help us build back a society anchored in truth in the digital age. Communications protocols like Nostr will help ensure that speech remains free and people aren't prevented by lying authorities from spreading the truth. Independent media being available as an alternative to a mainstream media aparatus that acts as a lapdog for the government and its corporate overlords has done wonders in terms of helping people find the truth. And, most importantly, the truth tellers being consistently right in the face of massive backlash will begin to settle in with people.

Keep telling the truth. It's going to pay off massively for you as the fiat system crumbles.

Final thought...

I have nothing to wear for Miami.

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