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Issue #1332: There is blood in the water

Issue #1332: There is blood in the water

Mar 22, 2023
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1332: There is blood in the water

While everyone's focus this week has been on Capitol Hill anticipating and ultimately reacting to the Fed's latest interest rate hike, power moves are being made on the international stage and within the Union that signal that Washington DC is losing its grip on power. President Xi seems to be very motivated to have China replace the United States as "peacekeeper and economic powerhouse of the world" with their brokering of a peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran followed up by a trip to Russia to strengthen the economic and political relationship between the two countries.

As the US and Europe scramble to put out fires throughout their banking systems and continue to make themselves the laughingstock of the world by focusing on things like climate hysteria and pronouns, other super powers are moving rather quickly to shift the balance of power in their direction. There is blood in the water and the sharks have picked up the scent. The clown world formerly known as Western civilization is slowly but surely having the tables turned on itself as those who were considered pariahs not too long ago are teaming up to detach from the influence of the US and its European allies and begin working together.

proof of clown world


We've written a lot about the role of Saudi Arabia in the petrodollar system over the years and the events of this week may be the most important since our coverage began. Saudi Arabia agreeing to force other countries to convert their local currencies to US Dollars when purchasing oil is one of the most crucial pillars of the global dollar reserve system. A change in this arrangement would be a major blow to the dollar's position in the world. China brokering a peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran is a major step toward the destabilization of the petrodollar system. China has proven that they can be a productive mediator in very delicate international affairs. You can bet your ass that they'll be looking for some form of reciprocation for brokering this pivotal peace deal. Oil trades settled in yuan are looking more and more likely in the near future. In January the Middle Eastern powerhouse signaled that they are open to settling in currencies other than the dollar. I wouldn't be surprised if the first yuan-settled oil deal happens before the end of the Summer after what just went down.

Moving along to Russia, enemy number one of the Western world, the meeting between Putin and Xi this week shouldn't really come as a surprise. The two countries have been cozying up to each other over the last year in the aftermath of Russia being cut off from the part of the global financial system that connects to the West. And it seems like this week's meeting has solidified that China will be buying a lot of Russia's energy supplies and settling the trades in yuan. A move that will allow the two countries to grow stronger without any obstacles stemming from overt sanctions or having to deal with anyone in the West. Yet another blow to the status of the US and the rest of the West on the global stage.

And it seems glaringly obvious that others on the global stage are beginning to recognize the decaying position of the incumbent "leaders" of the world. Mexico, our direct neighbor to the South, has expressed interest in joining the BRICS economic alliance, which would be a stunning move that will certainly make it obvious that the West is losing influence at an alarming rate. Who knows whether or not that actually happens, but if it does it would send a very strong signal that we have lost the plot.

To put a cherry on top of all of this, there are also rumors swirling that China is poised to broker a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine to bring an end to the war that has been fueled heavily by Western money.

Now, I'm not saying this because I like the idea of this type of reshuffling of the geopolitical deck of cards. I'm saying all of this because it is becoming glaringly obvious that others view the US and its closest allies as a bunch of weak pussies. And if I'm being honest with myself, I can't really blame them. DC and its counterparts throughout Europe have completely lost the plot. They've become complacent, fat and mentally impaired to a degree that I never thought imaginable.

Luckily for those of us in the US who have maintained our relative sanity in these trying times, it seems like states are beginning to notice and act proactively to protect the rights of their citizens and the strength of their economies. As the pariah states of the world continue to team up and isolate themselves from Western influence it is very likely that the dollar loses its dominance rather quickly. And when the dollar loses dominance the federal government will fight like hell to force dominance into existence. Particularly for US citizens. As the banking crisis continues and the fragility of the system is laid bare the system will likely consolidate up into the largest banks in the country, but even they are not solvent. On a fiat system heavily dependent on ever increasing amounts of debt, every bank is technically insolvent if they were forced to mark their assets to market. This story ends with the federal government nationalizing the banks before attempting to thrust a CBDC on the American people.

Noticing this, individual states like Florida have stood up and expressed their intent to block a CBDC from ever being foisted on Floridians and Senators from across the country have proposed legislation that would prevent a CBDC from ever getting off the ground in the first place. We need more of this type of energy. And I'm proud to report that Texas, the state I currently reside in, has proposed legislation at the state level that protects bitcoiners and their God given right to receive, hold and transact in bitcoin.

More of this. With much of the world beginning to fade the United States and its allies it's time to act boldly. The federal government should stop doubling down on their utter incompetency and embrace bitcoin. If there is a power grab going on at the international monetary level and China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and others think they are going to usurp the West's power by creating a yuan-backed or gold-heavy-commodity-backed alternative international settlement network, the US should lean into the best money man has ever come into contact with, bitcoin, and completely undercut their efforts. Unfortunately, it does not seem like that's going to happen at the federal level.

The last chance American citizens have at being able to maintain their edge on the international stage is falling back on states rights. As I said two-years and a week ago, states will lead the way. There is no more time to waste on thinking that the federal government is equipped to fix the problems they've caused for us. The only way out is to convince the state that you live in to begin actively disobeying the federal government and take the lead so that we can fix the problems ourselves.

The United States federal government may be a lost cause, but many of us Americans have a lot left to give in terms of innovation, productivity and prosperity. We just need the states to protect us from DC while we do our thing.

Final thought...

Beef sticks for lunch is the way to go.

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